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Add another AI Dungeon alternative to the growing pile of interactive AI adventure games. Some are free, some as good as (objectively better) than AI Dungeon, or simply another great option when you tire of the chatbot mentioned above. Those who enthuse over such platforms look for layers of creativity and advanced features, and the options discussed would suffice in that aspect. 

Enlighten yourself as we take you through all the best text games powered by advanced artificial intelligence that utilizes grand neural networking at its core. Proceed with the article and figure out your favorite AI Dungeon alternative of all time. You can also explore our blog section to get more insights on AI chat bots.

Briefing on An AI Dungeon Alternative For You

While there are many adventure-time text games based on machine learning, the AI-generated chatbots we will shed light on have gained popularity thanks to their remarkable storytelling capabilities and innovative ways to make gaming a better, more immersive experience. Without further ado, let’s check out games like AI Dungeon. 

GPT-Neo Dungeon
GPT-Neo Dungeon


Operating on the GPT-3 architecture at GPT-Neo Dungeon, with a single tap, you can get access to original and customized stories based on what your text input was. Yet another thrilling and deeply intriguing game out there, this AI Dungeon alternative has rich narratives that keep you craving for more. 

The enormity of its database is pretty staggering. Chock-full with a wide range of scenarios and events, you also have the freedom to add a personal touch to the plot and characters, influencing the direction of the story. Above all, with a clean and clear-cut interface, users find the platform very easy to use. 


  • Exclusive plotlines
  • Immersive experience
  • Ease of use


  • Sparse interactivity
  • Slightly unreliable


NovelAI - Best ai dungeon alternative
NovelAI – Best ai dungeon alternative

A web-based software that comes up with notoriously audacious storylines, NovelAI takes the title of the best accurate AI Dungeon alternative in town. Its text-based scenarios are not only top-tier but quite versatile for its blend of romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres. Anyone can navigate themselves on its plain interface, while it boasts a masterstroke of brilliance: AI Dungeon Master. 

Users can tinker with the characters, twists and turns, and the story structure itself. The thematic elements do not bind you here, and at the end, you get a well-written piece taking you to the lands of dragons, aliens, cyborgs, heroes, and vicious villains. 


  • Top-notch storytelling
  • Community-friendly
  • Various pricing options


  • Overwhelming customizable features
  • Occasional bugs and glitches
  • Repeated texts sometimes

Infinite Story

infinite story
Infinite story

Type in your browser’s address bar Infinte Story to access this platform’s praise-worthy tool. One facet that makes this AI Dungeon alternative stand out from the rest is its “giving maximum liberty of customization” to its users. From choosing your story’s genre to crafting your character, you can let your creativity flow with this AI game. 

Another fascinating thing about Infinite Story is that you can play it again and again without AI coming up with the same things. It’s packed with gripping stories one cannot get enough of, too. 


  • Easy to access
  • Replayable
  • Collaborative environment


  • Subdued aesthetics
  • Non-sensical storylines at times
  • Quality depends on the user

Write Holo

write holo

A famed AI Dungeon alternative is none other than Write Holo, a web-based platform that =is especially close to the heart of writers and storytellers. This place is where you will find numerous genres to choose from and play on cutesy and minimalistic designs that put the limelight on the storytelling and add-on features of personalized settings to call your dibs. 

You can consider collaborating with other users on scenarios and stories to thicken the plot further. Besides, projects that involve more than one genius mind tend to be more captivating. 


  • Top-tier stories
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Affordable 


  • Slow-working
  • Bugs and glitches fixes needed
  • Limited personalisation

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress

Labeled as an extensive simulation game that provides a challenging gameplay experience, one more on the list of AI Dungeon alternatives is Dwarf Fortress. While the plot of this game is quite a treat, the interface’s user-friendliness and artsy appeal give this game a spot in the top seven. 

You name it, they have got it: city-modeling, world-building, dwarves-grooming, enemy-fending are all part of the game. The rogue-like gameplay allows for fluid dynamics to characters in the system. The AI’s ample knowledge of history, geography, and ecology is astounding. 


  • Effective graphics
  • Detailed storytelling
  • Immersive gameplay


  • Steep learning curve
  • Taxing tests for some
  • Old-school graphics



A spectacular blend of storytelling and role-playing, Magium is an AI Dungeon alternative that falls as one of the top choices. Interactive and immersive, the engrossing plotlines make gaming a superior experience. With its diverse cast of characters and their prolific personality traits, it feels like playing with real people. 

Brimful with mechanics to keep you absorbed in the game, you can build on your skills, manage your inventory, and carry out tactics as part of the decision-making process. The best thing? Even with a few in-app purchases, it’s a free platform! 


  • Riveting character development
  • Storytelling depth
  • Free game (no upfront costs)


  • Slow-paced gameplay
  • Complex mechanics
  • Expensive in-app purchases

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Text Synth

Text Synth

Last — but not least — Text Synth is an incredible AI Dungeon alternative that many find impressive. Its capabilities stretch to many levels: top-quality storytelling, templates, genres, language generation, and even user support. It also offers numerous customization options to give users the freedom to take the story where they want. 

With a straightforward interface, deep and enthralling storylines, and catering to the needs of its users by accepting and evolving on their feedback, Text Synth is our final choice for you to pick from the list of AI Dungeon alternatives. 


  • Five-star storytelling
  • Coherent plots
  • Numerous prompts and templates
  • Feedback-friendly


  • Limited stories
  • Some bugs and errors 
  • Delayed text generation 

Wrapping It Up

Sit comfortably in your gaming chair, for you will be there for hours onwards. From these seven, you might have extracted your number one pick as an AI Dungeon alternative — be it for its graphics, affordability, storytelling, or plain old interface. All of these are solid substitutes for AI Dungeon; go to their software and browsers to see for yourself. 

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