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No one will dare trespass if you have Arlo Pro 4 guarding the front door. New technology has brought bigger and better solutions to everyday problems. With a spike in robberies and home invasions, a wise choice will be to place your trust in the right security camera. You can pair it with august smart lock pro for better safety.  This article will discuss the remarkable features of the Arlo Pro 4 camera, a revolutionary watchdog with an aesthetically pleasing build that packs a punch of efficiency and reliability.

What Do We Know About Arlo Pro 4?

Arlo is a leading home security tech company that released another champion camera. Their incredible and highly functional camera legacy continues with the 2020 Arlo Pro 4 spotlight camera launch. The good thing about Arlo is that they prefer the efficient way. For instance, their wireless Wi-Fi security cameras do not need a handyperson to mount them. The company aims to create a safer environment for you and your family.

Their ‘We protect your everything.’ We know what this security camera will offer because it’s what Arlo strives to be: a superior experience. They do not get nosy with your privacy and stay out of your recordings or other playback videos. Like the craftsmanship, the field employees known as Security Experts are apt professionals who are live 24/7, too. 

arlo pro 4 specs
Arlo pro 4 specs

Arlo Pro 4: Your Eyes Around The House

Released in October 2020, the award-winning security camera is a pathbreaker. An anomaly that retains all the best features of a security camera and brings more to the table. Let’s dive into the refreshing features of Arlo Pro 4 XL. 

Image quality

Catch every tiny detail of the camera’s images on its 2K HDR video capabilities. Moving objects can be paused and looked at with extreme clarity. No matter how fast the suspect zips past, you can identify them. The 2K resolution HDR image technology increases the dynamic range of videos and images with high-accuracy motion capture abilities, giving Arlo Pro 4 an edge. 


With a 160-degree field of view, this security camera reaches every nook and cranny to protect your privacy. An Arlo Pro 4 spotlight camera is meant to be used at nighttime when you spot someone outside you don’t recognise. Shedding excess light will expose them, thus preventing a possible breaking-and-entering situation. 

Moreover, the integrated siren in the Arlo Pro 4 penetrates loudly through the air and raises the alarm in dangerous events. The coloured night vision video recording is an essential crime-fighting tool in this security camera, as most unsporting activities occur under the night sky’s cover. 

arlo pro 4 features
Arlo pro 4 features


Being a smart innovation, it tackles small inconveniences owing to its high functionality. Introducing: Wireless Arlo Pro 4 — connect your security camera to your display screen, a straightforward installation procedure that just takes a few taps. Being “wire-free” means you are free of the hassle of finding the right wire or sockets or bringing in a professional to cost you another hundred bucks.  

An Arlo Pro 4 review described it as a huge step up from Arlo Pro; the video’s quality is not its only plus point. The convenient magnetic mount allows for a smooth wall fitting however and wherever you like. 

App Control

Download the Arlo Secure App and get every update on your front door. You can also activate the siren on the Arlo Pro 4 when you see a suspicious person around the house on the Eco Show 5 display screen. 

Other Specifications

This security camera gives the user six months of uninterrupted work on its high-performance, rechargeable battery. Whether rain or shine, the security camera can withstand heat, cold, rain or the scorching sun. It can operate in temperatures -20 to 45 degrees Celsius. Arlo Pro 4’s 2560×1440 resolution and 4-megapixel image sensor were an instant hit on the market. 

The Auto Trach and Zoom feature of Arlo Pro 4 sharpens the sword against burglary; the camera detects motion and has a Full Duplex two-way audio system. The two LEDs (blue and amber) are bright and add to the lovely look. Additionally, the Wi-Fi works with broadband connections with at least 2Mbps upload speed, indicating that the updating and uploading would be fast. 

An intense gigantic 6500K spotlight and 130-degree horizontal motion detection take care of any device fumbling from others. It only takes three and a half hours to charge the full bar. A SmartHub is an optional choice, too. The storage space for months of recordings is the Arlo Pro 4. 

arlo pro 4 camera
Arlo pro 4 camera

Voice Controls

The ping notifications are not the only proactive part this camera plays for you. Joining arms with your smart home, the smart security camera can listen to your commands via Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple homeKit or Samsung SmartThings. For this, you would require Echo Show 5. 

The Echo Show will oblige once you tell Alexa to show you the front door with Arlo Pro 4. The two-way audio works wonders, too. This security camera lets you talk to visitors at your front door and hear them back on your phone. The audio is crystal clear, too, for your ease.


This camera has a reasonable price tag for a 2020 product, sold at only $155. The cost-effectiveness will show once you run the camera. As of today, the company website is selling the camera topping another five bucks — $160.

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Lastly, suppose you are a new subscriber of the Arlo Secure application. In that case, you are granted a 24.7 professional monitor, 30-day cloud recording, advanced object detection, spot-on notifications, Smart Activity Zones and much more. However, a privacy shield is excluded, unlike the Essential Indoor Wired Security Camera (1st Gen). 


Your home security has never been better and techyaims knows this well. Arlo Pro 4 is a high-functioning and easy-to-use game-changer in security cameras. Its sharp night vision, brilliant captures, and built-in siren are reputable features. Pro 4’s numerous amenities also include wide coverage and flexibility in installation. At the end of the day, after braving all elements, you can put all your trust in the Arlo Pro 4 camera.

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