Asus Rog GL753Asus Rog GL753

The gamers have nothing but good things to say about the Asus Rog GL753. Named among the best gaming laptops from the Republic of Gaming (ROG) series, this notebook has remarkable features that give users an enhanced entertainment experience. Although the performance cannot be compared to the desktop setup, the gaming-oriented design, reasonable pricing, and rapid boot times give it an edge. To learn more about the incredible hallmarks of one Asus Rog GL753, continue reading the article. 

Buying Asus ROG GL753? Consider These 5 Things

Most people must research or think about the best fit for their use before buying expensive laptops. We have listed five things you should know before purchasing a gaming notebook to avoid that.


How much can you spend? Going into an electronics shop means you must have some money and a couple hundred bucks extra to stay flexible. However, taking note of your budget, make sure that the laptops in your mind are within your preferred price range, like Asus Rog GL753.  

Size and portability

If you need to lug your laptop around a lot, go for a small, lightweight notebook. Most gaming laptops are heavy (because of their hardware), and it’s not an inconvenience as gamers often sit in one spot when engaged in their activity. 

Display Quality

Gamers enjoy brilliant colors and a high-quality display. Keep a full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels as your minimum display requirement. A wide viewing angle display for an immersive experience is good, too. You can also choose Alienware gaming laptops for best display quality. 


A gamer’s best friend is a laptop that can handle heavy games easily. Plenty of storage in the graphics card and high-performance RAM are two things that should be considered for storage. Taking the Asus Rog GL753, you do not have to worry about running out of storage space. Usually, gaming laptops have 128GB or more on them to facilitate the user’s gameplay. 

Battery Life

Lastly, a long-lasting battery life means you can play video games without constant interruptions of ‘Low battery, please charge.’ The most innovative way to see if yours has sufficient battery life is by checking the Watt-hours (Wh) figure. The fatter the number is, the more power your laptop can sustain. 

buying Asus Rog GL753
Buying Asus Rog GL753

An Overview of Asus ROG GL753

Now that you have an insight into the buying guide for your gaming laptop, here are the features and specifications of Asus Rog GL753. 

All About the Built

Although some buyers do not like the ‘heavy lines’ design, the much-praised 17.3-inch display and an island-style keyboard are a win. It is a bit of a hassle to carry around as it weighs over six pounds (6.4 pounds, to be accurate), but for a 17.3-inch computer, it is relatively lighter. There are ports built for external displays or attaching peripherals, including Ethernal jack, HDMI, and Mini DisplayPort.

There are two USB ports, one USB 3.1 Type-C port, and a headphones/audio device for that apt gaming experience.  The laptop’s side also has a Blu-ray drive and USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. There is a lock slot for locking the computer to an anchor point. 

Speakers and Keyboard

The powerful Strix GL753 speakers add to the immersive experience, while the comfortable and lauded keyboard stands out. Asus Rog Gl753 is the first in the series to have a backlit keyboard, with red splashed out as you open the screen. 

built and body of Rog GL753
Built and body of Rog GL753

Battery Life

The highly demanded performance of a gaming laptop drains its battery, but this laptop comes with an added hour to the average of four and a half hours. So you can play for five and a half hours straight, and it will endure. 

Staying Cool

Another prominent feature of the Asus Rog Gl753 was its cooling. Streaming videos or gaming will not heat it. After playing your games for many hours, the comfortable, cool-to-the-touch system will not disappoint. The price for Asus Rog Gl753VE is $1099, though it also depends on region. 


As mentioned, the user will get an exceptional gaming experience because of its quality hardware making. You can play intense games without interruptions as its Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU (graphic card) and 4GB of VRAM produce sharp results. We do not say this lightly when stating that the Asus Rog Gl753 is among the best gaming laptops released. 

With the 2.8-GHz Intel Core, the “Kaby Lake” processor (another first), 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and 1 TB 5400-rpm HDD, the Asus Rog has hit a homerun with its impressive gamer-friendly features. 

features of Rog GL753
Features of Rog GL753


As a gaming laptop, the Asus Rog Gl753 runs on gamer-specific software. The add-on utilities cater to the needs of their users. The remarkable ROG Gaming Center is a dashboard to keep track of or alter system performance, such as CPU and GPU memory and changing boost fan speed. The dashboard also shows the temperature, and if the laptop is heated up, you can increase the aforementioned boost fan speed. 


From controlling the color temperature, choosing your backlit keyboard colors, streaming on Netflix, or tweeting on X, the laptop is the perfect companion for gamers. Efficiency, excellent performance, and an all-in-one deal are what Asus Rog GL753 offers, and we are here for it. You can also go for Alienware gaming laptops and hp omen series, they can also serve the best. 

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Far from being so high-tech, this laptop is the perfect blend of all the flavorful facets of quality and price. There is a reason why gamers are so obsessed with this one: it has built on what other gaming laptops lacked, including that of Asus Rog. The display of vivid, almost lifelike colors and the smooth running of the computer itself show how technology keeps aiming for the sky. Asus Rog GL573 is the first of many gaming laptops with features outsmarting mediocre models, and no one can deny that.
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