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Please have your child use the best kids electric toothbrush of today to guarantee that no germ is left behind in their mouth. Growing up, children find it a chore to brush their teeth before going to bed and in the morning. A more convincing approach for the maintenance of their dental health is introducing them to electric toothbrushes. Some parents might be hesitant to try them out since electric supplies in the bathroom are a safety hazard for children.

However, with apt supervision and manufacturers like Colgate and Oral-B, you can purchase an electric toothbrush suitable for youngsters. Review the best kids electric toothbrushes automate your home

5 Best Picks for Kids Electric Toothbrush

All these alternatives have their stand-out features, and the final decision falls upon you. Therefore, to make sure that you are buying the best option for your child, you should check out each product and deduce which one suits their needs. Without further delay, let us explore the selection we have. 

Quip Kids 

Quip electric toothbrush
Quip kids electric toothbrush

Chosen by New York Times as their ‘Best Pick,’ Quip Kids has numerous praise-worthy components that received a nod from experts. The small brush head and handle size are its primary features, being a kids electric toothbrush. The littleness makes sure that the youngsters easily brush their teeth and do not damage their mouth’s insides. 

The battery is very quiet, and the toothbrush itself weighs practically nothing. Its gentle sonic vibrations ensure an uninterrupted and effective cleaning session. Moreover, the two-minute timer (and a thirty-second guided pulse) motivates the child to brush their teeth for a sufficient amount of time. 


frost electric toothbrush
Frost electric toothbrush

An affiliate brand of SNOW, Frost is the kid’s section for oral hygiene products. In the shape of an adorable bear, the body of the toothbrush comes in five colors. It is considered more appropriate for beginners because of its basic settings and functionality. Frost’s kids electric toothbrush is battery-powered (no wires), and its head can also be replaced. Although it does not have any timer to count down the minutes for a child to brush their teeth, it has basic features and a straightforward design that is fit for children who have not used an electric toothbrush before. The aesthetics do add flavor to the product, but that also depends on your kid’s taste. 

Philips Sonicare for Kids

Philips Sonicare for Kids
Philips Sonicare for Kids

Philips Sonicare is more towards the tech-savvy side, with a charging base rather than replaceable batteries. An efficient solution for parents who want to avoid the hassle of buying batteries now and again, this kids electric toothbrush is a valid option. It has similar capabilities to the Quip one, with a built-in timer and vibration techniques. Moreover, this toothbrush connects to the brand’s lovely phone application via Bluetooth.

There, the children can learn about why they should be brushing their teeth. Interactive and fun, the application is an attempt to encourage young minds to keep track of their oral hygiene. It does have a relatively large brush head, though. 

Hum by Colgate

Hum toothbrush by Colgate
Hum toothbrush by Colgate

A smart toothbrush by Colgate, Hum also comes with a brushing app, replaceable brush heads, and size and handle design accommodating children. A profound feature indeed, the augmented reality the Hum application uses takes engagement from kids to a whole new level. Once you have connected a phone/tab with the kids electric toothbrush, they would see germ monsters in their mouth on the screen. 

While the toothbrush works fine as a cleansing device, the app is what puts Him under the spotlight. Not only can you manage the timing for your child’s brushing, but the games offer rewards when the kid does that well. Replaceable triple-A batteries power it. 

Oral-B Kids

Oral-B Kids toothbrush
Oral-B Kids toothbrush

Last but not least, the Oral-B Kids electric toothbrush is rechargeable (just put it back on its base) and has a rotating child-friendly brush head. Instead of vibrating, the brush head spins on its spot. Even if a bit noisier than the Quip and Philips toothbrushes, the Oral-B is still a good competitor of the two. 

Ease of recharging is a given for this toothbrush, too. White does not have an app to link it to, and it does have a two-minute timer for the kids. According to many reviews, Oral-B Kids does not disappoint, giving it a spot on this list. 

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Buying Guide for A Kids Electric Toothbrush

Before shopping for a kids electric toothbrush, there are a few things one should keep in mind before buying one. Therefore, before you decide to purchase an electric toothbrush for kids, weigh in your options according to the following factors: 

  1. Gentle bristles: Both adults and kids are recommended to use toothbrushes with bristles that are soft and gentle. Hard-bristled toothbrushes can damage the gum tissue and lead to tooth enamel wearing away. 
  2. Timers: Children are not good at keeping track of the time. Especially those who have not learned the concept of time yet. Several toothbrushes have a two-minute timer and 30-second intervals for a breezier teeth-brushing session. 
  3. Cleaning modes: Add points for a kids electric toothbrush that has various cleaning modes. The child can switch up the speed and pressure of the brush head as they wish. A gentler and more sensitive mode protects your child’s teeth better. 
  4. Safety: Every good electric toothbrush is designed with safety in mind. Henceforth, if a toothbrush does not have a gentle bristle, a nice pressure (not too much, not too less), and a two-minute timer, you must look for other options. 

Encouraging Your Child to Brush Their Teeth 

A person must learn from a young age about their hygiene. A healthy set of teeth only comes from taking heed of your oral hygiene. But spending good money on kids’ electric toothbrushes would not suffice. To instill in your child’s mind the necessity of brushing twice a day, the first step is to let them choose their toothbrush. Be creative and turn it into a game to further pique their interests. And lastly, and most significantly, brush your teeth with them, for children learn best from behavior rather than words. 


What makes a good kids’ electric toothbrush?

One that has soft bristles on its head, integrated with a timer, and comes in different colours appropriate for kids. 

Are rechargeable electric toothbrushes better than battery-powered ones?

Rechargeable toothbrushes require a base and a dedicated spot to place it. Replaceable batteries needs changing every month or so. Both function effectively and bring convenience in their own way.

What are the safety precautions for a child who uses an electric toothbrush?

The safety precautions are more to do with the kids electric toothbrush’s mouth action than with electricity (there are no wires coming out of the toothbrushes). Vigorous vibrations in an electric toothbrush damage the gum tissue. 

How do I motivate my kids to brush their teeth?

The best way is to show them you brush your teeth, too. So when it is oral hygiene time, stand by their side in front of the basin to coerce them to brush their teeth everyday, routinely. 


As you are getting a kids electric toothbrush, taking regard to the safety, efficiency, and ease-of-use features are essential elements of the process. These smart toothbrushes are all incredible in their way and are great solutions for both kids and parents. If in doubt, consult a dentist to reaffirm the usability of these electronic toothbrushes. With smart devices you can put yourself at ease and save your time and efforts. You can learn about Samsung sound bar to nest thermostat, you can have different home automation items to upgrade your lifestyle. 


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