Dell docking station for laptopDell docking station for laptop

A handy tool for connecting your computer to external sources, your Dell docking station for laptops might stop working due to many reasons. Too many wires coming out of the laptop not only causes clutter, but becomes an inconvenience when it comes to sorting them out or moving the laptop itself away. This article’s purpose is to dissect why and how these problems crop up and what you must do to resolve them. Whether the docking station does not recognize the connected source or it’s not functioning properly, the following fixes are here to help you. 

Dell Docking Station for Laptop: An Overview

To understand why your Dell docking station is not working with a monitor or any other device, you would first have to figure out its internal workings. For those who are not sure what exactly a docking station is, it is a hub of external ports (that are often absent from a laptop). These ports can include a USB-C one, an HDMI one, or even a headphone jack. 

A swamp of reports have come in to ask why their Dell docking station for laptop refuses to work, has poor functionality, or even blinks three times and automatically shuts off. Below are four ways you can overcome the difficulties you face when it comes to Dell docking stations for laptops. 

Dell docking station

Hardware Failure

Talking about the Dell docking station for laptops and it’s not working, a two-way connection between them means that either one of them can fall short in functionality. Perhaps your laptop’s USB port is chipped from within and cannot recognize the device you have plugged in. To make sure that is the case, insert other cables in the same port (that you know are working). 

Other times, it is the docking station that is the root of the problem. There are courses of action you can take to ensure the proper functioning of the device. First, the power light must be on the moment the docking station is connected. When that has not happened for you, you can get in touch with Dell’s customer services. 

Another method to check for a Dell docking station for laptop and its working mechanism is to link the docking station and your computer with the original cord. Or you can simply connect the docking station to another laptop or monitor to ascertain what is causing the issue. 

Resetting dell docking station
Resetting dell docking station


Even if both the laptop and the docking station are working properly, and you are still stumped, it might be time to rest the docking station. In fact, it is not that hard to reset the docking station for laptop. To exercise that, you need to follow these instructions: 

  1. Disconnect the docking device from your laptop.
  2. Wait out for the Dell docking station for laptop to lose power (give approximately 15 seconds)
  3. Reconnect the device.
  4. On your laptop, navigate to Device Manager. Hold the Windows + X key to search for the Device Manager option. 
  5. Once you’re in Device Manager, double-click on the ‘Universal Serial bus’ controller and find the Dell WD 19 docking station name. 
  6. Uninstall the device by right-clicking on it. This ensures that your laptop or monitor does not have any pre-installed drivers that can cause the malfunction.
  7. Link your laptop and docking device once more and install the USB drivers.

Where the Dell docking station for laptop loses its functionality, this is an apt solution that works out most of the time. However, if it is still troubling to connect the two devices, then the procedure below is the next plan of action. 

Update the Driver
Update the Driver

Update the Driver

Outdated drivers can be the reason behind your dilemma. A little technical, though, this one does come with an answer. Once you have correctly executed the steps from the reinstalling of the driver and confirmed that that’s not what is a hurdle for the Dell docking station for laptop connectivity, this is what you must do: update the driver. 

You can choose your way of updating the driver: the manual way or the automatic way. Below is the manual way in the simplest of terms:

  1. Press the Windows + X keys to open the Device Manager
  2. Find the Dell device (could be listed as an unknown one)
  3. Right-click on the device and select ‘Update driver.’
  4. Now, you have access to the Windows Driver Updater
  5. Have Windows look for the driver updates or update it yourself in the setup file.

There is software that helps you out with the automatic update of the Dell docking station for laptop, like Advanced Driver Updater. The latter option takes more time, however, and can be a bit more technical for amateurs. Many go for the manual practice because it is very straightforward. 

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BIOS update 
BIOS update

BIOS update 

Dell docking station for laptop does not support BIOS, which is outdated. Working integrally with the laptop, the device would not function properly without an updated BIOS version. The steps below can serve as a guide for those who do not know how to update their BIOS on their laptop. 

  1. Pop open the Window Start menu and enter ‘info’ in the search box. This will navigate you to system information. 
  2. Once you can access that, find the BIOS information and take a look at the version number, mode, etc. 
  3. Note the date and open CMD to figure out the serial number for the same. From the menu, the CMD can be opened.
  4. Insert this Command: mix bios to get the serial number in Command Prompt. This will fetch you the serial number.
  5. Log on to Dell’s official website and download BIOS’s latest version. 
  6. On the website, put the required information in the search box and identify your device. 
  7. Install the latest version available. 


Dell docking station for laptop can become an adversity if it’s not working. A useful device that numerous people use in this day and age, a docking station is a pretty essential tool. The solutions mentioned above and tactics would help you out in returning the functionalities of the docking station. Beside dell docking station, if your PS5 is shutting down again and again, you can explore the best solution by exploring guides. 

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