Eleven Labs AI - Review, Price and AlternativesDetailed outline of Eleven Labs AI.

These days, the name Eleven Labs AI is thrown around a lot. Nobody can deny that artificial intelligence is taking over the world, you can make images from text, convert text to voice, and perform many other things. So, it should not be a shock that Eleven Labs is conquering the voiceover industry by storm and replaying voice actors in a snap. The hand-to-machine labor is happening. 

Indeed, the natural elements of voice memos are missing from AI-generated audio, but the efficiency it brings is a major selling point. Within moments, with AI, users can receive rich voiceovers (in the accent of their choice). In this article, we will be discussing everything about Eleven Labs AI. 

Eleven Labs AI: An Overview

Snippet of what ElevenLabs AI consists of.
Snippet of what Eleven Labs AI consists of.

Eleven Labs has made a breakthrough with its ability to clone voices and synthesize speeches of any length. It allows businesses and organizations to get voiceovers that hurt their bank accounts. Chapters and chapters of books can be read off by the AI (with texts you have put in), and it only takes a few seconds for Eleven Labs to achieve this. 

The most amazing thing about Eleven Labs is that the intricate machine learning sets the stage for the best audio results. Its thematic meaning is reflected in the way words are ‘spoken’ by the AI. This speech generator can be accessed as a beta tool (i.e., free trial), with limited features you can tap into. 

The Many Features of Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs AI is a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows you to create a voiceover in the language or accent of your choosing. However, it’s not all just that. To bring the user extra comfort and convenience, this AI tool has features that cater to their needs better. 

Moreover, Eleven Labs plans to expand and introduce dubbing to the platform, which would include text-to-voice generation per a video animation or playback. Right now, here is what Eleven Labs offers: 

  1. New voice: The texts you want to be voiced out will always have a fresher feel. Built to give original results each time, Eleven Lab’s artificial intelligence can produce voices from scratch and embellish existing ones. 
  2. Speech synthesis: As mentioned previously, Eleven Labs AI can “synthesize” (i.e., create a new) speech. You only need to insert a single phrase or a thousand-paged novel for it to work (depending on your field of use). 
  3. Top-quality: It is surprising how far AI has come and how much it benefits us today. Eleven Labs is your go-to AI for crisp and pitch-perfect voiceovers or speeches. 
  4. Logic and emotions: Eleven Labs AI’s development is done in such a way that AI adopts the context of the sentences aptly. Even though you have typed out the words without mentioning their thematic meaning, the AI would have a firm grasp on where things are going. 
  5. Intonation and emphasis: Another factor that makes Eleven Labs reliable is its ability to distinguish between happy and sad, angry and calm, disgusted or swooning. Emphasis on words and the dropping and raising of pitch enriches the AI-generated speech. 

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Practical Uses for Eleven Labs AI 

Where Can You use Eleven Labs AI
Where can you use Eleven Labs AI?

Voice overs can come in handy in many areas. If you have come across this tool and want to take advantage of it, there are several purposes you can use it for. However, it is different from what you use it for; it is how smartly you use it. Below are specializations you can sign up for to benefit from Eleven Labs AI: 

  1. Audiobooks: Authors often find it hard to sell their copies — especially when it’s their first ones. If you have a published novel or book, then Eleven Labs would greatly help expose you to audiobook listeners. 
  2. Newspaper: The traditions of newspapers are dying out, and a smart move to pull would be introducing news audio read aloud by AI and put up on the newspaper website. That way, readers are retained, and there is no real money to pay for it. 
  3. Content Creation: Designers and video-makers would jump on a free voiceover generator at the first chance. The hassle of finding a voice actor and paying them is avoided. Eleven Lab AI’s speeches are dependable alternatives. 
  4. Gaming: After Twitch came up with the idea of earning money by playing games, professional gamers have become millionaires. But those who do not want to reveal their identity can opt to talk to their live teammates via Eleven Labs AI. 

Eleven Labs AI Prices and Plans

Eleven Labs’ free trial accommodates those who want limited content created for them. On the platform, without paying subscription fees, you can synthesize a speech of 10,000 characters/month, with three customized voices to add flavor to the audio. The following list shows the rest of the plans

  1. Starter: $5/month; a commercial license, up to 30,000 characters, ten custom voices. 
  2. Creator: $22/month; commercial license, up to 100,000 characters throughout the subscription, thirty fresh custom voices, and does not need attribution to Eleven Labs. 
  3. Independent publisher: $99/month; with a commercial license, +500,000 characters, 160 custom voices, and does not require attribution to Eleven Labs. 
  4. Growing Business: $330/month; commercial license, 2,000,000 characters, 660 custom voices, and no attribution to Eleven Labs needed. 
Eleven Labs AI
Eleven Labs AI: A Helping Hand.


Is Eleven Labs free?

Yes, but it is limited to a certain amount of content you can produce (which is 10,000 characters/month)

What’s better than Eleven Labs?

People can use other Eleven Labs solutions if they do not favor it for some reason. Amazon Polly, Voice AI, Speechify, and Fake Your are sensible alternatives. 

Can I create my own AI voice on Eleven Labs?

Yes, AI voice generators let you produce rich audio content on demand. 

Is Eleven Labs real-time?

Indeed, Eleven Labs’ AI text speech generator processes everything in real-time, i.e., in the now. 


Eleven Labs AI has changed the game of voiceovers. Smooth in-sentence transitions, lovely accents, availability of numerous languages, and ease of use make this platform versatile. Brands to individuals can take advantage of Eleven Labs and get the best results quickly.

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