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With Eufy Video Doorbell, you will have tight home security. The engineering of Eufy home safety products caters to the best protection strategies for you and your family. A hybrid of a security camera and a doorbell, it is full of features that help you track the front yard of your house in real-time, even when you are outside. This article will explore the features and specifications of Eufy Video Doorbell 2K — the two-in-one home security package that has earned a name in the market. 

Your Partner in Chime: Eufy Video Doorbell

Released in 2019, this doorbell took the market by storm with its launch for its marvelous features. It offers much like a high-functioning watchdog and a two-way audio doorbell. Moreover, with the eufy video doorbell you can also use Arlo pro 4 home security camera to ensure safety of your living place. Let’s look at what makes Eufy Video Doorbell Dual so unique. 


The jet-black, slim, simple design looks lovely on the front door. Its compact 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.1 inches (height-width-depth) dimensions appear too small for its long list of extraordinary components. On the contrary, the make of this camera/doorbell sets an example for other smart home security devices. The weather-resistant IP65 encasement is another plus mount. Being an electronic device, it would have been torture to maintain it when the weather gets worse. Therefore, whichever angle the rain is coming down, the dual-function widget can endure without staggering. 

More in less, this handsome device was an instant hit for a reason. It’s capabilities outperform in the proactive protection and defence of your residence. The surveillance of this doorball is half-concealed in the black overlay of colours to catch intruders off-guard. 

Eufy Video Doorbell specs
Eufy Video Doorbell specs


Being a smart security camera, Eufy Video Doorbell has a 2K (full HD) camera, i.e., 2560 x 1920 resolution, to give sharp image results of anybody on your front door. Out of this, you can pause the recordings and look at objects by zooming in and out of the frame with vivid clarity. Especially in low-lit scenarios or when the light is flooding from behind, the 2K corroborates precise imaging and video-taking, 24/7. 

There are also two cameras instead of just one. The first keeps an eye on visitors, while the second clocks your package deliveries. This way, there are more angles of the culprit in case your parcel ever gets stolen. 


Eufy Video Doorbell protects your home in many different ways. This equipment may be too tiny for a security camera, but that does not stop it from capturing full-face, three seconds of short clips before the visitor even rings the doorbell. Its upper-tier technology also has an integrated Family Recognition feature, making it an additional family member. All the videos recorded by it are stored locally in your files on the Hub. 

It also makes sure false alarms do not inconvenience you. Besides the double cameras (one for visitor, the other for packages), the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual Wired system give your Dual Motion Detection that promptly takes notice of any lurking being and alerts your phone only when it is a fundamental human threat and not a stray plastic shopper fluttering in the wind. It is the in-built AI that helps with human detection. 

Eufy Video Doorbell camera
Eufy Video Doorbell camera

Doorbell Duties

The budget-friendly Eufy Video Doorbell 2K Wired is wireless. That means the device can connect with your home Wi-Fi network and send all end-to-end encrypted files to your local Hub. The two-way indicated that you can talk back with a visitor who has come to say hi. The pre-recorded responses make interactions with visitors at your door efficient with just one tap. When you receive notifications of any activity, select one of the audios and send it to the Eufy Video Doorbell to interact or give instructions such as, “Please give me a moment.” 

Another anxiety-fuelled hassle the Eufy Video Doorbell resolves is hurrying back home when your friends wait at the door (as notified by the Eufy Security app). Send a pre-recorded or real-time audio that lets them know you went out for a bit. 

A fun feature includes electronic chimes of eight different kinds, including holiday-themed ringtones. You can also set the doorbell’s volume if you don’t want a sleeping baby disturbed in the early afternoon. With door bells we also provide you latest information about smart locks and security cameras. Explore our blogs to know more!


Being a 2019 product, the market value has fallen significantly for Eufy Video Doorbell. You can get one for yourself at a low price of $134. Additionally, there are no hidden costs to this product. There are no monthly fees or recurring charges after you buy this security camera/doorbell hybrid. Another benefit of the locally stored files is that you don’t have to buy cloud storage separately. 

features of eufy doorbell
Features of eufy doorbell

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Other Features

The Eufy Video Doorbell battery life stretches over hundred and eighty days on a single charge. The battery is also straightforward to charge and takes an incredibly short time to show a full bar. Wi-Fi connectivity includes sharing videos and audio data over smartphones and other devices. The home security device also inaugurated Google Voice Assistant. Once linked with Google Voice Assistant (or Amazon Alexa, for that matter), you can check in anytime by simply saying, “Hey Alexa, show me my front door.” 

Recommended by renowned organizations such as IMORE, Digital Trends, and USA Today, it is certified as the Best Video Doorbell by Andriod Central. It’s many features have put it ahead in the domestic security products. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit data encryption allows your footage to be kept private during transmissions and storage. No one can hack into your videos. 


Eufy Video Doorbell is a phenomenal home security camera and doorbell solution. It protects your data and is committed to comforting you in every way possible. It’s easy installation and Google Voice Assistant features give it an edge over other home security devices. Easy on the wallet in the short and long term, the high-quality resolutions ensure a safer house.

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