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If you are in a hurry but need access to a good camera, a free AI headshot generator is your go-to solution. While some would think that AI has flaws that cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to ‘being realistic’, the advancing technology has led to some groundbreaking discoveries addressing these issues. Moreover, you can also make images with AI image generatorsPlease proceed with the article as we take you through some of the top eight free AI generators of headshots available to be used in the year 2024.

To ensure that you choose which one to go for in times of need, a detailed overview of their pros and cons has also been mentioned. Without further ado, let us begin with the hunt. 

Free AI Headshot Generators: 8 Best Options

AI tools are useful when you are running late and want to avoid facing another looming deadline. At times, a situation arises when you need a professional-looking photograph of yours to be sent forward for an official business — for a CV or a website’s ‘Meet the Team’ section. This is the exact moment when the below-mentioned AI generators will become your saviours. 


PFPMaker - AI headshot generator
PFPMaker – AI headshot generator

Known as a leading free AI headshot generator, PFPMaker is a multi-purpose headshot creator with the most vivid results. It is very easy to use — even for novices new to the AI game — and is fastened with the most advanced technology. The details on your headshots would be accurate to the last pixel, and various customisation settings that you can try out. 

However, the premium version costs $25, and the free trial only allows for fifteen headshot photos to be generated — and you will not be able to access the array of styles, backgrounds, and personalisation of clothes. 


Vidnoz - headshot maker
Vidnoz – headshot maker

The running theme for Vidnoz free AI headshot generator is the professionalism it treats the creator’s images. Whether it is for your LinkedIn profile or your Instagram Business Account, it would not disappoint. A top competitor to headshot tools such as PFPMaker, Vidnoz’ array of customisable options and the smooth blending of text into image provides praise-worthy results. 

Although the styles are limited to five, you can still get over forty headshot images at a low price of $14.99. Other tools offer a lot less in a lot more, giving Vidnoz a cost-effective edge in the race. 


HeadshotPro - AI headshot maker
HeadshotPro – AI headshot maker

Available in 2024, another brilliant alternative for your free AI headshot generator is HeadshotPro. The photos you will receive will be of the highest quality, without any hurdles or interruptions from the uncomplicated interface of this tool. Moreover, you can run your photos through optimisation techniques and get the best out of the headshot generator. 

Secure and private, you can use the HeadshotPro for free, with premium plans such as ‘Normal Shoot’ and ‘Premium Shoot’ if you have some bucks to spend; the former is priced at $49 and the latter $59. 

YouCam Perfect

YouCam perfect - picture editor
YouCam perfect – picture editor

Another one to make it to the top eight list of free AI headshot generators is YouCam Perfect. Much like its name, this tool offers a great deal for no money: you have to put in your commands along with a few of your photos, and the platform, with its intricate machine-learning technology, can create headshots of various styles and designs. 

You can peruse more than thirty filters and an ‘AI Selfie’ feature for your social media posts. While free without any advanced tools, you can make a premium purchase of $29. 


Fotor - photo editor
Fotor – photo editor

Fotor began as a basic photo-editing internment in the olden days when I was nowhere around. Today, it can be considered one of the most versatile free AI headshot generators. It is capable of transforming dull-looking portraits into masterpieces. Furthermore, it also has a feature to build your virtual persona professionally by creating your avatar-style image. 

You can get the premium features for $19.99, but its free trial also has plenty of options you might find sufficient. Out of all the options that have been listed before, Fotor is also an affordable one. 


Picsart picture editor
Picsart picture editor

Picsart has also become a reliable and free AI headshot generator in 2024. It leans more towards an artsy style, but with a user-friendly interface and many photo editing options, you can create magic with this application. The platform shows trending filters and a before/after effect that tells you how your photo might look. 

Again, with Picsart, you can get a free trial and make the most out of it. Yet, if you are willing to spend money on advanced tools Picsart provides, you can buy a premium plan starting at just $5 per month. headshot generator headshot generator and picture editor

Try It On is also a renowned free AI headshot generator with extraordinary features professionals have come to adore. There is no effort to be put by your side because Try It On’s algorithm makes headshot generation a seamless process. Quick to deliver the best results, it is named among the best headshot generator tools of 2024. 

Once you have acquired your images, you can add a personal touch and still think they need to include a few elements. However, that is a premium feature you would need to pay $17 for first. editor editor

Perhaps one of the smartest free AI headshot generators, Hotspot AI takes ‘professional profile pictures’ to a new level. Integrated with numerous innovative features that ensure brilliant results, Hotspot AI works to capture every essence of an individual’s face. The top-tier quality is its major winning factor. 

Hotspot has gained popularity for its commitment to customer satisfaction by providing incredibly detailed (and accurate) headshot images. The subscription plans start at just $10.

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What is the best AI headshot tool?

Right now, Aragon is crowned as the best AI headshot generator with a price tag of $29. 

Are there any free AI headshot generators?

PFPMaker, Vidnoz, HeadshotPro, and YouCam Perfect are all AI platforms offering a free trial. 

How do you make a headshot with AI?

You must upload your photo, choose from the styles of the AI’s selection, and click on the ‘Generate’ option to begin the process. 

Are AI headshots safe?

AI is built on a dataset, and the images of yourself that you provide are saved on the platform’s backend. So, no, AI headshot tools are not hundred per cent safe, as a third-party intruder can hack into them. 


When you are running on a tight schedule, it does not matter if you want one headshot image or more than forty — you will have to face the consequences of a delayed task. To save your day, these eight free AI headshot generators will be a tremendous help, with shockingly accurate results that might leave you speechless. 

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