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Keeping track of your health and wellbeing becomes a breeze with the Garmin Venu 3 smartwatch. Garmin has become a notable brand for fitness-intelligent gadgets, and the newest release is no less. With advanced, high-end features and irresistible trademarks, it has earned a celebrated reputation since its market debut on August 30, 2023. Many are unaware of Venu 3’s capabilities, nor know how to use the smartwatch in the most serviceable way.

In this article, we will explore the numerous specifications of Garmin Venu 3. As a potential user, we will also familiarise you with the functioning of the classy smartwatch. 

What’s So Special About Garmin Venu 3?

The Venu line for Garmin has always come out stylish with a slight traditional touch in its design. Anybody who has used these smartwatches has boasted its highly interactive and vibrant display. The captivating qualities also include the smartwatch’s remarkably comprehensive activity tracking. A long battery life with uninterrupted use for days is another hit detail the athletes do not miss.

Comfort, reliance, and making the most of the health-tracking feature are assured for this prestigious smartwatch brand. The standard sensors on it with a long list of vitals it keeps tabs on will be your workout coach. Whether you are a gym-goer or a mere health-conscious person who wants extra convenience, Garmin Venu 3 is the right choice. 

Garmin Venu 3 body specs
Garmin Venu 3 body specs


A fitness smartwatch may appear too chunky for those who wear sharp suits to work. But that’s not the case with Venu 3. The slim, smooth, and gorgeous surface is fashionable and durable. The band material is silicone, flexible, suited for all weather conditions, and feels pleasant on the wrist. 

Moreover, the stainless steel bezel finish makes the smartwatch lightweight (1.8 ounces/17 grams) yet highly heavy-duty. The overall product dimensions are 1.8 x 1.8 x 0.47 inches, slightly more significant than the Garmin Venu 2. Also explore Fitbit Charge 5 to better fitness and extra features. 


Garmin Venu 3’s AMOLED screen display size is a generous 1.4 inches. The three buttons along the side are easy to operate exclusively while playing spots. Being a touchscreen, however, it makes more sense to tap around as you are not too preoccupied with demanding activities. The touch automatically disables itself. 

The AMOLED display means increased visibility in direct sunlight. If you are out for a run in the morning, finding shade to check your vitals would not be required. 

Screen specs of Garmin Venu watch
Screen specs of Garmin Venu watch


The sustainability of this smartwatch is multiplied due to its battery of up to 14 days, with 10 days on Garmin Venu 3S. A =]piuytr54review on Amazon praised the battery life being much better than an Apple Watch (they were an iPhone user) and said that while using the GPS feature for three days straight, Venu 3’s batter did not drain fully, but dropped from 80% to a respectable 20%. 


You can download a lot of music for your workout sessions or a run in an open street. This smartwatch has 8G worth of storage, giving you plenty of space for health and wellbeing datasets and music to pump you up during an energetic routine. 


There has been an array of new features integrated into Garmin Venu 3, and here are a few of them: Nap detection (sleep recommendation factors), HRV tracking support (night), Morning Report (feature), Daily Summary report, Recovery Time (for vigorous sports activity), and Workout Benefits feature which tells you what you gained from the given workout. 

Garmin Venu Watch Series
Garmin Venu Watch Series

Other Features

Flying across the pond for an important business and don’t know how to manage your jetlag? There is no need to fret, for the Venu 3’s Jetlag Advisor has your back. There are various new sports activities you can track now, like open water swimming, hand cycling, etc. From customizing your font size, expanded ‘Shortcuts’ features, revamped user interface for a refreshing look, and refined functionality, Garmin Venu 3 is the perfect fitness smartwatch.

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A Brief How-To Guide on Garmin Venu 3

Garmin Venu 3 watch is simple to use, especially if you are from the digital age. To scroll through lists and menus, drag them up or down. To do that quickly, swipe up or down. You can wake the smartwatch up or select an item. To return to the previous screen, swipe right. If you need contextual information (e.g., menus or glances), tap and hold on to an item. 

Locking and Unlocking the Touchscreen

To prevent accidental screen touches, you can lock the smartwatch. It’s similar to locking your usual smartwatch. Here are the steps to lock your screen:

  1. Hold the ‘A’ to view the control menu. 
  2. Select the lock icon. The display screen will blip out and won’t respond until you manually unlock it. 
  3. Hold down any of the three buttons to open the touchscreen of Garmin Venu 3. 

Starting an Activity

The sole purpose of this smartwatch is fitness tracking and making it as convenient for you as possible. You only need to select the activity you’ve planned for yourself (swimming or cycling). Below are instructions on how to carry this out: 

  1. Press ‘A’
  2. Select one of the options. Either a) select an activity from your favorites or b) select the . . . option and choose one from the extended activity list.
  3. Go outside with an open view of the sky, as some activities may require GPS signals. Wait for the watch to get ready. 
  4. The watch will appear ready when it has established your heart rate, acquired the GPS signals, and connected to your wireless sensors. 
  5. Hold down ‘A’ to begin your activity timer. Note: The watch only records activity data while the activity timer runs. 


Keep an eye on your energy levels throughout the day. Rest, recharge, and know when your body is ready for activity. Every minuscule detail you would need to track your health and wellbeing is available on the incredible Garmin Venu 3. Choose efficiency and purchase the latest Garmin smartwatch for running today. 

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