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Make your home smart with the Google Nest Hub Max. This 2019 release is packed with features that encourage a technologically advanced lifestyle. With the advent of increasingly high-tech products launching in the market every day, Google sets out to change the dynamics of the conventional domestic ways. Hop on to this article for a detailed overview of the marvel of Google Nest Hub — a great addition to make your home smarter and more secure. 

What Do We Know About Google Nest Hub Max?

The compatibility, efficiency, and particular specifications set Google Nest Hub apart. Link your house devices and appliances with one brain like an extensive Google ecosystem. Let’s peek at what makes the Max version of Google Nest Hub so unique. 


The nice-looking frame of Nest Hub Max boasts a ten-inch HD touchscreen of 1280 x 800 resolution, with a depth of 3.99 inches, a width of 9.85 inches, and a height of 7.19 inches. A Google Nest Hub Max review did say that the display quality of the item is not much of a trademark. There are far-field microphones on either side of the main camera, which means that when video calling, you can talk to the person on the other end while walking away to another room.

Acting as rigid support and another great feature of the Google Nest Hub, the back speakers and woofers have been well-received by everybody. This home gadget comes in two colours: chalk and charcoal. There is also a DC power jack to plug in the device since the Hub is meant to stay put in one place. 

Google Nest Hub Max Body Features
Google Nest Hub Max Body Features


The operating system is compatible with Android and iOS, meaning Android and iPhone users can connect their devices and follow up on their reminders, calendars, commutes, and more. More convenient than sticky notes on your refrigerator, you can also leave each other video messages and share to-do or quick reminders. Stay entertained whether you have placed the Google Nest Hub Max in your bedroom or kitchen slab. Put up your favourite TV show or movie, or jam some music on Spotify.

This multipurpose device is a spectacle of a Hub. The built-in Nest Cam we mentioned before also means you can inspect the state of your house when not at home. Watch sports, live news, or stream YouTube videos; this smart home widget is there for you. The upgrade in 2nd generation Google Nest Hub Max 2 does consider the relatively low resolution (most smartphones these days have higher definition resolution) and the limited camera angles. Still, the first generation does fine by itself, too. 


Google Assistant is an integrated part of this device. The stereo speaker system is large, loud and boisterous. There is also ultrasound sensing and Voice Match technology. However, there isn’t night vision, and the pixels usually burst when the Hub is placed in the dark; the Ambient EQ light sensor can detect a shift in the room’s brightness. When you switch off the room lights, the Google Nest Hub Max will turn off also.

Another important property of the Nest Hub Max is its Quick Gestures. A Business Insider Google Nest Hub Max review said that the Hub rarely picked up the gestures, but the device promptly followed your arm to pause or unpause the video. The 6.5-megapixel camera with a 127-degree wide field of view keeps an eye out for any suspicious activities in the room it’s in. If you have placed this device in the foyer, you can always keep track of the comings and goings in the house. 

Nest Hub Max System
Nest Hub Max System


With Wi-Fi connections of speed of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz (depending on your provider’s plan), the Hub Max’s high efficiency takes away half the stress of pending tasks. You can connect your Bluetooth headphones, too, and look at recipes without disturbing your family. As mentioned earlier, you can link smart home widgets like lights, cameras, locks, vacuums, blinds, etc. 

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What’s In The Box?

The box you will receive will have the Google Nest Hub Max, a power adapter, a Quick Start Guide and a Safety and warranty and booklet. However, you would have to require a nearby electrical socket, a Wi-Fi network and a compatible mobile device of either Andriod or iOS to make the Hub work.  

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) vs. Google Nest Hub Max Specs
Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) vs. Google Nest Hub Max Specs

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) vs. Google Nest Hub Max Specs

The two might have been identical twins without Google’s major (apparently minor) tweaks that make all the difference. The 2nd Gen Hub is the younger version of Hub Max and lacks a few upgrades we see in the latter; first, though both have a design that looks like the screen is “floating on the speaker base,” the 2nd Gen is edgeless while Max’s isn’t. Max has a bigger and better display than 2nd Gen’s, which has only seven inches on it. The Nest Hub Max and its 2.1 speaker arrangement also denote that more booming audio will be heard when streaming movies or having an online meeting.

There is no camera in 2nd Gen, either, so you can’t hold an online meeting. Though both are compatible with loads of smart home devices, the camera in Max means you have an indoor security man guarding a room. The Face Match also caters to the efficient working of Max, with personalised interests, news, and to-dos popping up concerning each family member. 

It’s a feature of Nest Hub’s 2nd Gen rule over the Max, too, like the Google Soli chip that allows for sleep tracking when you place it on your nightstand. Being a newer model, the Google Nest Hub Max price is $229, while the 2nd Gen is sold at just $99.99. 

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Another hit in the market, the Hub Max, offers a great deal more than its previous model. Gestures, voice commands, your home cam, personalised Face Match interface — all of these add to the value of the 2019 release. There is no need to tap your dough-covered hands to pause your pizza recipe video; raise your arm. A fun, interactive, and efficient way of living is a Google Nest Hub Max package deal. Furthermore, you can also go for more home automation products of google such as google nest thermostat-E

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