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The curtains are yet to be raised on the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Its official global release date is October 4 — one day from now. However, tech heads and tipsters alike came together to scavenge this new Google smartphone’s possible specifications and features. Speculations aside, we know what’s for certain: it will be bigger, better, and sweep all the awards. 

If you are one of the tech-savvy people and the Pixel 8 Pro has piqued your interest, read on this piece as we recollect everything we could gather on this product. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro Specs

Google has joined Apple and Samsung as one of the best smart device manufacturers and distributors. Google pixel slate i5 is the testament of its expertise. As the Made by Google event scheduled on Google Pixel 8 Pro’s unveiling day draws closer, we are stacking up the rumours and making some sense of them. Many eyes are on this product for several reasons — the most important one being Google’s promise to “improve on its powerful (though with minor hiccups) 2022 lineup.” Let’s see how they keep their word by discussing the details of this phone. 


There might be minor tweaks here and there in the new Pixel’s build besides the system integration and major changes. Over the past month, Google has been teasing the looks and aesthetics of its October 4 release. The tiny sneak peek gave us a colour that matched the Pixel Watch and the latest buds. Though the photos shared pre-release do not show us much of what the Google Pixel 8 Pro could bring to the table, we have laid the facts as they are. 

The first thing you notice when you see the easter egg images for the new Pixel screen is its increased roundness, giving more Galaxy S23 Ultra than a Google product. This design started the buzz of in-depth display, as doubling the phone’s radius curves could only indicate an underlying feature tucked away from sight. Apple has deviated from its usual stainless steel body and used titanium in the new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

That might not be the case with the Google Pixel 8 Pro – Unveiling Price and Specs, however. Sticking to its original glass and aluminium inlay, Google uses that classic but worthwhile material in its new phone’s body. A gorgeous matte finish to give it a fine look is confirmed by vendors to whom this high-tech mobile gadget has been sent out. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro body
Google Pixel 8 Pro body


Many rectifications have been carried out on the success of Pixel 7 Pro. The camera bar, for example, has been slightly modified. The grouping of the camera lenses seems closer, too — again, giving space to upgrades such as 4K capturing and a higher fpi. You can see a new sensor on the Google Pixel 8 Pro’s visor if the teaser pictures are closely examined. That sensor is identified as a thermometer by various tech specialists. 


The whispers are saying that Google Pixel 8 Pro price is going to be $999. 


New features mean more space and a bigger package for all those amazing alterations. Right? Wrong. The Pixel 8 is smaller than the Pixel 7, measured at 150.5 mm x 70.8 mm x 8.9 mm (camera array excluded). The predecessor, Pixel 7, came at about 155 mm x 73 mm x 8.7 mm. According to Google, Pixel 8 Pro’s height is 6.17 inches, only slightly smaller in decimals than the 7’s 6.3. 

But even the tiniest detail matters — a cut in dimensions might even mean a loss in relative weight, making it easier to hold the phone. The Google Pixel 8 Pro has also let go of the curved edges shape, signifying a flat display. 

display of pixel 8
Display of pixel 8


Apple has introduced the Retina display, and to compete for that pivotal hallmark in the tech market, Google has come up with Super Actua. Though many believe that Super Actua is just a “branding buzzword” to create an equivalent ripple Apple Retina caused, it is highly unlikely that is happening when we know that Google, as a giant tech company, would never do this disservice to its customers. Surely, efforts will be made to improve the difficulties faced in using the phone in direct sunlight, which Super Actua was meant for. 

There have been leaks to prove this, too. If 1600 nits in the Google Pixel 8 Pro usual display was not enough, the staggering 24,000 nits under direct UV rays has become an exciting factor interested parties are looking forward to. The high-definition 1080p resolution isn’t anything new, but its refresh speed of 120Hz does sound appealing. 

The new Pixel 8 Pro phone will keep its 1140p (or equivalent) LTPO OLED panel that allows ratching down to 1Hz, an occurrence not seen in the older model of Pixel 7. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro camera
Google Pixel 8 Pro camera


Google likes to play with hues, mix and match and get right into the nitty-gritty of the aesthetics. The Google Pixel 8 Pro colours are obsidian, porcelain, and bay. To picture how these colour schemes appear, they are black, greenish grey and pink, respectively. Matching cases are growing in popularity for Google’s current lineups with protective shells. The phone cases of Pixel 8 tone with basic phone colours, in addition to the Coral option, give you a splash of brilliance to brighten the mood. 


Little is known about the functionality and performance of the new Google phone. But rumours have been saying that, of the pseudonym Zuma, Google’s third-gen custom chipset is based on the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Exynos 2300 processor. 

Hinging on the 3nm node concept that compares to TSMC, its making relies on Qualcomm and Apple. That means high performance with minimum areas to err. The processor packing is also supposed to reduce the heat output so that the high-pixel graphics don’t affect your gameplay. 

G3 chip software
G3 chip software


Streets are saying that Google will not go easy on its storage. A storage space extending to 256GB is plausible, with 12 GB of RAM giving smooth interface interaction. 

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It is observed that the Google Pixel 8 Pro will have a thermometer (, a stylish body that is also meant to feel good in your hand. The processing units are sure to set a benchmark. Along with the storage, a strong RAM portfolio, and cutting-edge graphics, this phone is creeping up on the newly released Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max in the phone market. With rumours flying around, one thing’s certain: Google is brewing something extraordinary and techyaims will surely unveil it. 

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