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You can get an excellent ‘more in less’ deal with Google Pixel Slate i5. Although the tablet came out in 2018, it is still something many rave about in review catalogues. Undoubtedly, its high-end features put it ahead of Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro.  It is a tablet/laptop hybrid, and since it runs on Google’s Chrome OS, the possibilities open up to install applications accessible from the Google Play Store. For example, you can seamlessly download the device’s Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. 

Google Pixel Slate i5, your Android system is on a flashier, bigger screen. To explore more about Google Pixel Slate i5, you can continue with the article without further ado. 

Introducing Google Pixel Slate i5

Planning to get one for yourself? Here is a slight overview of the buying cost and other models released with the gadget. First launching in 2018, the price began at a considerably lower $599 than today’s $849, and inflation might be to blame. Then we have the two other models, the Google Pixel Slate 12.3” Intel Core M3 and the exact size Intel Core i7 with a handsome storage of 256GB. 


Software updates also introduce new things that might need to be provided here. Yet, significant changes relating to the specifications mentioned below remain all the same. Before buying the device, ensure it truly suits your profession or needs. As you peruse through the details, please note that even though the Pixel Slate does offer these features and capabilities, its availability and specific feature set might differ from region to region. 

google slate i5 features
google slate i5 features

Specifications and Features

There is a reason behind the prospect of Google Pixel Slate Core i5 winning hearts. It is not only different, but it produces excellent results despite its relatively compact size. Not to mention the efficiency it brings to one’s life — nobody can say no. Following are the specifications and features of the Google Pixel Slate i5 that earn it the praise. 


Core i5 assures quality with solid performance, suiting tasks like web browsing, gaming, and artsy content creation. As described by Intel, Core i5 Processors work out in ‘creating, editing and sharing 4K content, and have fun with an immersive entertainment experience.’ 


Weighing only 1.6 pounds, the tablet/laptop hybrid can easily be carried around without the fear of dropping it. Moreover, the twelve-inch display is a screen wide enough that there is a lot less squinting. The slim, rugged, anodized aluminum body is fine to the touch, and the clean, simple lines give it a refreshingly premium look.

google pixel slate i5 specs
Google pixel slate i5 specs


With the spectacular Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU, the heavy-duty graphic designing tasks do not affect this tab.  Incredibly high resolution can be found in Google Pixel Slate i5; the 3000 by 2000 pixels give phenomenal results. Sharp, brilliant, and providing the screen resolution is especially beneficial for graphic designers, as pixels are vital for them. The high quality also contributes to video streaming, an experience made magical. Satisfied enough? Get more perks by exploring our platform

Operation System

Google’s OS was built for this smart tablet’s web-centric tasks and cloud computing. An individual can use Google Chrome (web browser) and, as mentioned before, run the same apps from the Play Store. Google Pixel Slate i5 does not hold back regarding functionality — from business owners to students to everyday use, it is there for you. It also means you can download and run various Android software alongside web-based applications. 


The models come with differing storage sizes (see above), but the i5 comes with a staggering 128GB storage to 256GB of SSD storage. The 8GB of RAM shows the fast access of files, opening and closing of tabs, and the smooth running of the system as a whole can be availed from Google Pixel Slate i5. Admirably, the nowadays resourceful demand for proficiency in this fast-paced world is fulfilled by the table/laptop hybrid we discuss. 

storage of google pixel slate i5
Storage of google pixel slate i5


One prominent feature also includes a twelve-hour battery life of 48 WHr. A Pixel phone’s charging adapter (USB-C) is also used for the tablet. The standard cable unburdens the load of purchasing another after you lose the first one since you can use the phones. The charging takes up little time, too, showing you a full bar after 2 hours and 15 minutes. 


Due to the Titan C Security Chip fitted into the Google Pixel Slate i5, your device security is enhanced. Protecting your data and privacy is essential, mainly because of the lurking cyber security threats on the Internet. With the fingerprint reader, too, the device ensures more secure access. 


There are two ports for USB-C charging, data transfer, and connecting external peripherals. Wireless connections include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to pair with mouse or keyboards. A minor inconvenience comes from the designated port for HDMI. However, this is easily manageable by purchasing a USB-C to HDMI adapter. 

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Additional Features

All the while, the front-facing stereo speakers that deliver clear and immersive audio during essential video calls or even watching movies are one of the fantastic add-ons Google Pixel Slate i5 has. The Wide-Angle Front Camera also functions well with the video conferencing abilities. You can multitask using the Multi-Window Support and open various applications simultaneously or give a voice command to Google Assistant and control smart home devices.

You can also converse with Google Assistant and get responses to your questions. The Stylus Integration works effortlessly with the Pixelbook Pen, helping note-takers and digital artists with its pressure sensitivity and low-latency experience. Lastly, like all OS devices, you can customize your settings, like system preferences and keyboard shortcuts. 


Google Pixel Slate i5 is a marvel — the high resolution, loudspeakers, polished design, and long-lasting battery life prove its worth. The extra features only add to its high-end qualities. It is an excellent investment for all your professional and personal needs. Other than google pixel slates, you can explore its range of phone, Google pixel 8 is its latest phone which can alter the tech industry. 

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