GTA 6 LeaksGTA 6 Leaks

New GTA 6 leaks have invigorated the gamers who have been waiting for ten years for the release of the game. The GTA franchise kept the development of the sequel under wraps, but Intel tells us some perks and features users would thoroughly enjoy. Without further ado, let us explore everything about GTA 6 and the confirmed or unconfirmed characters that are going to be introduced in the gameplay to spruce things up. As the leaks are coming in, GTA 6 is setting the stage for a showdown.  

A Brief on All GTA 6 Leaks

There is no doubt that GTA V was a spectacle of a game. From the crazy-haired playable character of Trevor to the action-packed missions, along with the beautiful (and beloved) map and little details that added flavor to the gaming experience, won the hearts of fans — and a handful of awards, too. Although the GTA owners have not announced the multiplayer feature like The Last of Us, but it comes with amazing perks. 

The below-mentioned features known via the GTA 6 leaks were the instant talk of the town after the announcement of Rockstar Games on the “active development underway,” confirming that the GTA franchise was going all in fanfare-wise. Let’s have a look at what each component would consist of. 

Real-life NPCs

GTA V was extraordinary because its non-playable characters had a depth to them, as another GTA 6 leak brings to light. They would call the cops on you if they were brave enough or run off scared when you would rob their car at gunpoint. GTA 6 would, of course, improve this further and reach a new level of AI behaviors in NPCs

With attitudes and behaviors similar to that of the human player, the NPCs would not only talk but carry themselves and socialize like humans also. Examples include traveling in groups or leaving and entering buildings on their own.

GTA 6 Leaks on AI NPCs
NPCs of GTA 6 to seek major improvements

Police System

A few tweaks are also implemented on the police systems and the ‘Wanted’ concept, as. The GTA 6 leaks have come forward with a police system that favors a more descriptive approach. When being chased by the police, an option to see further details about how the cops are onto you. 

For instance, upon viewing the Full Description option, you can check if it’s your face the police have recognized or the vehicle you are driving. The police anywhere in the city would be able to identify you. 

Money Laundering 

GTA 6 leaks also gave a sneak peek of the extensiveness of the game. In the sequel, simply pocketing the money you robbed would not be sufficient. The tasteful (and challenging) task of money laundering is another feature users are looking forward to. 

Money laundering the cash you stole or earned through illegal means indicates that business ownership would be a big part of GTA 6. 


From Vinewood’s stir in the main city, the winding roads leading up to the lovely mountains, and the beachside open to the sea, GTA V did quite well in the maps department. Users had numerous places to explore and fun activities they could try out, like parachuting and tennis. 

GTA 6 leaks say that the players would be thrilled to hear that Vice City (from the 1980s) would make a spectacular comeback. While there is going to be a profound revamping of the old map, the nostalgia remains. 

Untitled 13 4 1
Vice City map to be seen in GTA 6


For a long time, Grand Theft Auto has stuck with male central characters. On the top of the fan’s wish list was a female protagonist. Enter Lucia — the first female playable character to grace the next game in the GTA series. Another persona in the form of Jason is suspected to be her lover. Both have a Bonnie and Clyde kind of relationship. 

If this is the case, then extra customization options for Lucia might also include make-up and beauty salons as per the GTA 6 leaks (though that would definitely be a user preference). Finally, users get a taste of a woman in the world of crime. 

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Maturing Characters

The aging of characters is another development Rockstar Games has instigated in its game’s characters. The maturing of the main characters is apparent from facial hair growth, as per the GTA 6 leaks that have been unveiled. This feature specifically sprinkles in a fun and intriguing element for users. 

Micheal, Trevor, and Franklin were characters that the developers executed brilliantly. If Lucia and Jason are seen growing and aging with time, players would definitely come to notice it. 

The characters of GTA 6
Characters of GTA 6 to grow and mature


No more blowing your character up in missions when things go awry, and you are out of ammo. Those who are doing the mission with you and yourself can exchange weapons and lend ammo when the situation calls for it. This new feature is aptly named ‘shared inventory.’

At times, you might have ended up buying more than your inventory could take. The solution is to let your partner carry them. You can also semi-control them during missions. 

Other Details

Many GTA 6 leaks are pointing to the fact that the developers have this fixed “go big or go home” ideology – a promise, really — for the users who have been waiting for the game for ten years. Extra features include:

  • Eating and drinking from the inventory directly.
  • Buying gumballs.
  • A lighting system similar to that of Red Dead Redemption 2. 

For realistic effects, unlike GTA 5, GTA 6 would have the character’s clothes get dirtier. There is collectible car parts apparel, and since Lucia is also in the game, more doors open up for personalization options. Best of all, the cars have a more refined look about them, and their designs have been revamped, too. You can also go for fortnite chapter five, which is as entertaining as GTA. 


GTA 6 leaks have left the fans titillated for more content. The promising features that have been rumored to show up in the sequel of Grand Theft Auto are top of their game for sure. Although Rockstar Games said that the developments are ongoing, the unearthing of new features has made sure that users do not lose interest. 

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