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The day has arrived: you want to unlink Instagram from Facebook. Various things can be the reason for this decision, but the issue arises when you’ve opened the social media app and cannot get the unlinking done. That might be because of Meta, Mark Zukerberg’s second brainchild. The developers have moved things around since October 2021, Meta’s debut date. 

Meta was supposed to make managing your social media accounts easier. However, many need to be made aware of this facilitation. They are stumped when they want to change their name on Instagram, add a security email on Facebook, or break the two platform’s connection. Proceed with the article to learn how to unlink Instagram from Facebook. 

Grounds on Which You Unlink Instagram From Facebook

Before we get into the ‘how-to’ part, let us check out the ‘why’ facet. It is not a preconceived notion (i.e., an “already-thought”) to break off the Insta-Facebook link on your profile. The justifications for this action are explored below:

Keep Data Sharing to A Minimum

A disclaimer pops up when you sign up for Facebook. They say they have “access to your contacts, activities, and more.” The ‘more’ is too vague and does not bode well, something that would lead you to unlink Instagram from Facebook. If you are among the 1% of users having second thoughts about this disclaimer, good thinking — once Facebook and Instagram tap into your contacts, activities, and more, the control has doubled. 

Meta (the parent company for both) will use all your information to run targeted ads. First, restrict data sharing and unlink Instagram from Facebook. 

Minimum data sharing on Instagram
Minimum data sharing on Instagram

Draw a Line Between Them

Gen Z and millennials are not that into Facebook anymore. A study has shown that ninety percent of Generation Z use Instagram, but only 41% are inclined towards Facebook.  The latter has more old-timers than on Insta, and that would mean grandparents and older cousins who would frown upon questionable photos that go well on your Insta grid aesthetics. Some people may change name on Facebook, and they don’t want to show their updates on Instagram. 

The link between the two enables post-sharing of the same content at the exact moment. If you would rather keep your posts and stories distinctive, it’s time to unlink Instagram from Facebook. 

Sidestepping Hack Attacks

Since the widespread hacking in 2018, Facebook no longer holds the trust of millions of its users. It’s not that Instagram is secure, either — you get the casual hacks here and again on that, too. But linking both your socials increases the risk of third-party intrusion. For instance, if someone hacks into an individual’s Facebook profile, they can access their Instagram page. All your personal information, chats, and media have fallen into the wrong hands. 

Hacking is unavoidable these days. Cyber security can only do so much to the crawlers waiting for the right opportunity. One thing to prevent this is to unlink Instagram from the Facebook page. 

Get Rid of Old Accounts 

The gradual gain of social media led to the trendy philosophy today. But when everybody was jumping on the bandwagon and making accounts on Instagram, they did not realize it was not a forever thing. Many of us are trying to delete old accounts that are taking up our emails. If you try removing Instagram from Facebook, you have arrived at the right place. Shed your old skin and unlink Instagram from Facebook.

There is no harm in leading a new digital life. Change is never wrong; disposing of your old Instagram profile can be cathartic. Now that your mind is set on it, let’s dive into how to break the Insta-Facebook ties. 

unlink instagram from facebook
Unlink instagram from facebook

Unlink Instagram from Facebook: The Complete How-To

Here are instructions to get your Instagram profile off from Facebook on your chosen device. The steps are easy to follow, and you will face barely any complications. 

Via Facebook App

If you are on your phone, here is how to unlink Instagram from Facebook iOS or Andriod edition:

  1. Tap on the Menu option shown at the bottom right corner. 
  2. Go to settings on the top right-hand. Tap Settings and Privacy. 
  3. Open the Meta Accounts by going to the ‘See more in Accounts Centre’ option. 
  4. Scroll down to see Accounts. 
  5. You will see all the accounts connected to your Facebook account. 
  6. Select the Instagram account you wish to unlink and tap ‘Remove.’ 

Via Instagram 

Another course of action you can carry out is through your Instagram profile. Take these measures to unlink Instagram from Facebook successfully. 

  1. Open the Instagram application. 
  2. Click on the hamburger menu (three parallel lines)
  3. Go to ‘Settings and Privacy.’ 
  4. Visit the Meta Accounts Center.
  5. Click on ‘Accounts Center.’ Scroll down to the ‘Accounts’ option. 
  6. Unlink the desired account from the list by tapping on ‘Remove.’ 

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benefits to unlink instagram from facebook
Advantages of unlinking Instagram from Facebook

Advantages of Unlinking Facebook and Instagram

Still in the haze about whether or not to unlink Instagram from Facebook? Several benefits come from it. Mentioned below are a few to make up your mind:

Take control

Bland user experiences are out, and aesthetics are in. How your content is viewed is different on both platforms. So, once you post, your media’s dimensions stay the same but don’t pull off the same vibes you were going for on either of the socials. Once you separate the two, you will have more control over your social media presence. 

Exceeding Content Performance

Instagram and Facebook operate on their propriety algorithms. Posts perform better on one platform than you aimed and designed for on the other. Again, you can resolve it once you unlink Instagram from Facebook. For example, incorporating platform-specific hashtags and captions will not be as compelling as alternate options. 

Personal Touches

As a company, brand voice is a vital tool for digital marketing. Stacking up socials can harm user influx. As you post the same content on both platforms, these are the drawbacks: users might not follow your other social media profile or may consider your band obsolete. Separate profiles foster a progressive user experience and add to your brand voice across all digital platforms.


It might sound like a hassle to unlink Instagram from Facebook. Social media presence has become an integral part of our lives. While this article explained why and how you can break the Facebook-Insta ties, the choice is up to you. It has many benefits, too — separate social accounts have more perks. Techyaims always strive to provide you with comprehensive guides about social media platforms. Keep exploring!

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