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An “in-house” comparison is being talked about these days: the ultimate HP Omen vs Victus debate. Both laptops belong to HP, which might come as a surprise for some. If you are purchasing an HP gaming laptop, comparing and contrasting between the two models is a good start. To make sure that you are spending your money on the right one, we have accumulated all the facts and figures of both models in one article. Each one has its perks and potholes, and to reach a final verdict on the winner, a little analysis has been conducted here. 

Evaluating the HP Omen Vs Victus Dispute in Detail

HP has been doing well in the gaming laptop market recently. The price-to-performance ratio has attracted a lot of gamers, too. The HP Victus variants came after HP Omen but became an instant competitor for its sibling model. However, there are major differences seen splattered across the many specifications. Yet, to comprehend the disparities and point out the similarities of HP Omen vs Victus, one would have to take a single example from both models. It would be difficult to factor in the pros and cons of both models if a specific model (from the same year) is not chosen. Therefore, let us take a look at Omen 16 and Victus 15 — and end the debate once and for all. 

HP Omen 16 vs HP Victus 15: An Example Study

There is no doubt about the fact that both these laptops and their models were designed to attract gamers. It is to be noted in the HP Omen vs Victus debate that both were also released in the same year (2022). But the division comes when there is the question of how much they really do that. Specifications are surface-level things that can be considered to weigh in your options, but it is the laptop’s use that truly proves its worth. 

HP Omen 16 vs HP Victus 16
HP Omen 16 vs HP Victus 16

Whether it is the HP Omen gaming laptop or the HP Victus gaming laptop, the answer to the debate of the better option lies in a thorough dissection of the two. Without further ado, you can take a gander at the areas we explored when doing the comparison. 


The Omen 16 has a 16-inch screen size, and the Victus 15’s is 15 inches. Even with a slightly larger screen, the HP Omen vs Victus discourse halts — both weigh the same (2.3kg). On the Victus 15’s keyboard, you would see the Numpad to the side, while there isn’t one on the Omen 16 — both have backlit keyboards, though. The touchpad of Omen 16 is made up of glass (feels great to the touch) but of plastic for Victus 15. 


The screen finish for both laptops is matte. In reviews and carried out experiments, however, the HP Victus 15 came out with better reflective abilities on the screen. On the other hand, the color accuracy for HP Omen 16 was calculated more than Victus 15’s. Additionally, the native contrast for the two is 1442:1 and 1051, respectively. Notably, both laptops have the same resolution and aspect ratio. 

Built and display features of hp omen and victus
Built and display features of hp omen and victus


Gamers always search for laptops with excellent graphics. NVIDIA is currently the leading GPU brand, and you would find it in both affiliative gaming models of HP. While Omen 16 has a fitted GPU named GeForce GTX 1650 (mid-ranged), Victus has a slightly advanced GeForce RTX 3050 (performance-segmented). The dedicated GPU has a VRAM size of 4GB for each of them. 


When it comes to memory in the HP Omen vs Victus discourse, the latter has an edge with 16GB RAM capacity to its name. More significantly, the Victus model boasted a 144Hz refresh rate, while the Omen 16 was a sad 60Hz only. As Omen 16’s RAM speed is greater than its sister model, it performed brilliantly on games such as Counter-Strike: GO, gaining points faster than the average frames per second captured.


For their storage, HP advertised 512GB for both Omen 16 and Victus 15. Nevertheless, the available (i.e., usable) capacity stands at 440GB for the Omen version and 454GB for the other. There is no second drive on either of them. Still, Samsung manufactures the first one and offers both laptops reliable capabilities in the argument of storage for the HP Omen vs Victus discussion. 

memory and storage of hp omen vs victus
Memory and storage of hp omen vs victus


Another point goes to Victus 15 in the HP Omen vs Victus debate because it has a battery capacity of 70Wh (Omen 16 has a slower 83Wh). Even though the battery life for Omen is slightly higher than the Victus by about 0.8 hours of difference, the Victus laptop charges faster than the other, taking only 2.1 hours to get a full bar. 

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When it comes to ports, it indicates that the laptop has more connectivity — which is the case with the Omen 16 variant. Although Victus 15 has plenty of ports on it, it still cannot defeat the variety of its competition. Below is a table to give you an idea of what is missing from HP Omen vs Victus: 

Ports HP Omen 16 HP Victus 15
USB-A ports 3 2
USB-C ports 1 1
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 4 No
USB-C charging Yes No
USB-C display out Yes Yes
HDMI 2.0 2.1
Headphones jack Mic + headphones Mic + headphones
DisplayPort Mini DisplayPort 1.4 No
Card reader SD UHS 1 SD UHS 1
Ethernet Yes Yes


Is HP Omen better than HP Victus?

Omen, being a higher-end device with knock-out graphics, has proved to be a better candidate in the HP Omen vs Victus debate. 

Is HP Victus a good choice?

You can buy this laptop on a considerably good budget, with its sturdy build and reasonable ventilation system working well during an intense gaming session. 

What is the best HP gaming laptop?

Right now, the newest release of HP Victus 15.6 has seen a rise of positive reviews roaring about, with its outstanding performance and robust graphics card an instant hit in the market. 

Is HP Victus and Omen the same?

No, they are not the same. But both have almost identical features if considered version-wise. 


It appears that HP Omen has come out slightly scratched but alive in the HP Omen vs Victus debate. Those who were confused about which gaming laptop to buy must now be sure of which one to go for. Victus indeed has better prices to offer, but in the end, it is the gaming experience that matters most.

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