Apple iPad Pro 12.9 ReviewApple iPad Pro 12.9 Review

Apple’s name in the tech industry is irreplaceable, whether for iPhones, MacBooks, smartwatches, or tablets. It is a beast that produces unmatchable technology with high processing power, reliable design, and the best camera capabilities. Marking history again, Apple released the iPad Pro 12.9 inches. While this iPad Pro has been the most extensive and advanced iPad until now, its new model with an M2 chipset offers more power. Moreover, this new iPad can fulfill all the requirements that previous models lack. Similarly, it has the same colors and the same design but different aesthetics and smooth performance. 

However, its fast performance makes it a bit more expensive than previous models. Likewise, the price of a 12.9-inch iPad pro is almost $1,099. Let’s swoop into in-depth details of this iPad and see how this handy gadget can revolutionize your life. 

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Vs. Previous Models

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Vs. Previous Models
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Vs. Previous Models

iPad Pro is the most premiere tablet from Apple’s tablet inventory. The basic design of the iPad Pro was first launched in 2018, and with years going on, it went under major modifications. Moreover, the previous models of iPad Pro 12.9 include an M1 chip. However, this time, it features a high-speed M2 chip with upgraded features and the best screen. This new model had a highly updated multitasking system and a compact frame. Pro models of iPad ensure a shutter-free and seamless user experience. Similarly, this iPad model is here for you if you have high-performance demands. Continue reading to explore its unbeatable features: 

Design and Build

  • Same design as its previous models
  • Angular edges with 12.9 inches display
  • A little heavy, less portable
  • Face ID + Power/Touch ID

The design and build of iPad pro 12.9 are the same as its predecessor’s. Moreover, it comes in the same grey and silver colors as the previous models. While iPad Air or 10th generation iPads have vibrant colors, this device was kept simple and professional. The primary reason behind the colors and design was Apple’s philosophy of keeping it professional. However, we can’t say that this device is not attractive. Instead, its dimensions and design offer the most attractive vibes. The large 12.9-inch display with angular edges makes this device a peculiar addition to everyone’s tech list. Furthermore, with a 682-gram weight, it’s a more portable edition.

The bezel on iPad Pro 12.9 differs from the usual iPhone users. It gives users a space for grip without touching and distorting screen functionality. Moreover, it incorporates a face ID and a Power/Touch ID button to ensure the device’s security. Besides, comparing the camera position on this device, it has the exact top edge placement as its previous models. Moreover, new 10th-generation laptops boast a camera right in the middle of the right side. 

Display and Audio

  • Mini LED technology
  • Retina XDR display
  • High Resolution
  • Stereo Speakers

This exceptional device features a 12.9-inch super retina display offering phenomenal performance. With a super-sharp resolution of 2732X2048, this device is suitable for watching movies, editing videos, or doodling in Procreate. DCI-P3 integration ensures the accuracy of colors, and the 120HZ promotion of LCD offers responsiveness. Moreover, mini-LED technology makes the iPad Pro 12.9 an exclusive model. The mini-LED tech helps you experience the deep black color of OLED displays without having an OLED. Moreover, while boasting high brightness levels, this device’s display offers 1600nits intelligence for HDR content. 

display and audio features of ipad Pro 12.9
Display and audio features of ipad Pro 12.9

Moreover, this device is unbeatable compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Ultra, which offers 600nits. The large dimensions of the screen offer multitasking, including drawing, editing, and even word processing. Talking about audio and speakers, they provide an excellent stereo sound experience. Besides, you can listen to music with loudspeakers and a clear and quality voice. However, for heavy bass, there are more suitable devices. 

Cameras and Capturing 

  • Exact camera placement as the previous models
  • ProRes video recording capability
  • Best for capturing and video calling.

The camera placement of iPad pro 12.9 is the same as its predecessors. However, this iPad lets you record ProRes videos for the first time. It features a 12MP snapper with a 10MP ultrawide camera. In addition, the LiDAR sensor helps to focus automatically, and AR/3D scanning makes this tablet a special edition. The camera’s capturing quality is best for the brightest pictures and colors. However, compared with the iPhone’s charging capabilities, it still lags.

The front camera of 12MP is best for conference video calls. Moreover, the ultrawide camera can crop your face automatically using Apple’s center-stage technology. Regarding the videos, the rear camera of iPad pro 12.9 can capture 4K videos with ProRes support. Moreover, the front camera offers the support of 1080p. On the other hand, you can’t compare it with recent iPhone models, such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Its because they are made explicitly for capturing. 

Software and Performance

  • Exceptional stage manager
  • Latest software updates
  • iPad 16
  • Powerful M2 Chipset
  • Lacking some applications

iPad Pro 12.9 features a stage manager, which is only available for some unique models and iPad Air. This spec makes it nearly equal to Mac in performance. You need to go into settings and enable stage manager. This function allows you to resize and drag any app. Moreover, you can also move the window around the display and sort out icons. However, the use of apps and feature functionality still needs to be made clear. Further, Other than stage manager, this iPadOS 16 includes many other improvements. It include editing messages, a weather application, and a lock screen. 

software features and performance of ipad Pro
software features and performance of ipad Pro

Coming towards performance, the M2 chip of iPad Pro 12.9 offers better performance and makes it powerful. It’s the same chip in the M2 MacBook Air and Pro. This chip supports an 8-core CPU by pairing with 8GB of RAM on 128, 256, and 512GB models. However, for the iPads with 1TB and 2TB storage, the RAM is increased to 16GB. With unbeatable performance, this iPad can leave some significant laptops behind. With an M2 chip, you can easily render high-quality videos and export them in HDR. 

All Specs of iPad Pro 12.9

Body Dimensions: 11.05×8.46×0.25inches

Weight: 682 gram
Material: Gass front, Aluminum back and Frame

Color: Silver, Grey

Display Mini-LED


12.9 inches



Scratch resistant glass

Software iPadOS16
Apple M2 chipsetOcta-coreApple GPU
Memory 8GB RAM for 128, 256, 512 GB storage
16GB for 1TB, 2TB
Camera 12MP rear camera, f/1.8, dual pixel PDAF
10 MP ultra-wide f/2.4TOF 3D LiDARLED, HDR4k video capturingFront Camera 12MP, face detection, panorama, HDR1080p for video (front camera)
Sound Stereo speakers
Battery 10 hours
Li-Po 10758 mAH
Price $1099


What is the storage capacity of iPad Pro 12.9? 

The storage capacity of iPad Pro 6th generation is 128GB, 256GB, 512GB with 8GB RAM. Also, 1TB, 2TB, with 16GB RAM.

Where can I buy an iPad pro 12.9 inch? 

You can buy an iPad Pro from many stores, including Apple’s official website, Amazon, and Walmart. 

What’s the price of iPad Pro 12.9?

The price of iPad Pro 12.9 starts at $1099; it gradually increases with the storage capacity and RAM. 

How long does an Apple iPad Pro last? 

Usually, you will be able to use it for more than five years. But it can last longer, depending upon your model and care. 

Wrapping up With Extra Perks

With the help of a magic keyboard, iPad Pro 12.9 serves you as a laptop. Moreover, the second-generation Apple pencil is kept on the side of the iPad. It doesn’t need a wire to perform and is readily available. Its 20ms response rate, tilt sensing ability, and pressure detection ensure smooth performance. Furthermore, this device has a battery life of 10 hours. Which means you can use the device during travel as well. Lastly, the price of iPad Pro 12.9 starts at $1099. The primary reason behind the increase in price is its storage capacity and use of the M2 chipset. What’s more, you can easily find it on Amazon and Apple’s official website

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