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Let the texts flow from you for the Janitor AI chatbot. Running on an incredible Natural Language Processing technique, Janitor AI will converse like a human. Perhaps you need a pen pal or just want to talk to your favourite fictional Character from a book or movie — either way, this AI tool is your last stop. 

If you are new to the concept of an AI chatbot and want to find out more, we are here to make things simple for you. In this article, we will look into the impressive features of Janitor AI and a brief manual for how you can get around the platform. 

More On Janitor AI Chatbot

Being a smart chatbot that has a foundation for the most recently developed artificial intelligence, Janitor AI is packed with the most profound features. It’s the place where you can interact with various characters produced by other users. And the conversations with the AI are so smooth-flowing and cohesive that one forgets that there is a bot on the other end. Finding the best alternatives for Janitor AI? You can choose character AI and Tavern AI.

A fun and personalized platform to sprinkle in some merrymaking in your life, Janitor AI will accompany you everywhere and anywhere. Let us take a look at the prominent features of the Janitor AI chatbot and how you can take advantage of them. 

Knows Your Language 

Empathetic to a reasonable degree for a bot, Janitor’s awe-inspiring AI is built on complex Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that is pretty nifty when it comes to understanding and interpreting what users are trying to convey. Say it’s been a long day, and you open the platform to start a text chain with your favourite characters. With the Janitor AI chatbot, rest assured your plan would go unhindered. 

Janitor AI chatbot features
Janitor AI chatbot features

Context Comprehension

The genius behind Jabnitor AI gives a lot of space to the understanding of the context in the messages humans put out. Not only does this make dialogue between us and the bot more realistic, but it also helps in the deduction and guessing of any follow-up questions from the user. Generating refined, precise and relevant responses gives Janitor the edge. 

Supporting Multi-Channel

Integrated on numerous platforms, Janitor AI is available on websites, messaging applications, social media, and others. The interwoven connections open possibilities, such as sharing intriguing chatbox conversations with your family and friends. The content you show others also serves as an invitation for others to jump on the Janitor AI chatbot bandwagon. 

Self-Cleansing Data 

A slew of data handling is given on machine-learning software such as Janitor AI. It works as an automated tool to quickly organize data and count different combinations while also making cross-tabulations. An instrument that helps businesses save their time and cut down on human labour without putting their dataset at any risk. Accuracy is also assured with this software. 

The Handy Handbook on Janitor AI Chatbot

Level up your use of Janitor AI with a few simple tweaks, or get access to numerous features through the API. You only need to learn a few tricks to get there. Wherever you get stuck, below is a guide to help you get out of it. 

Registering Your Account

Maybe the most straightforward instruction of all, registering yourself on Janitor AI only requires you to go to the official Janitor AI chatbot website, which you can do via a browser like Google Chrome or Safari or your desktop or mobile device (both Andriod and iPhone.) 

You can sign up with your Google email account, too. However you do it, it is pretty simple — you might have seen it on many other platforms as it is a very common thing now in this digital age. 

Janitor AI registration
Janitor AI registration

Setting Up Your API

Free to use, this software’s advanced features come with a price tag. Something called an “API key” allows you to ingress the chatbox of characters. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are regulations that permit various software applications to link and converse with one another. 

The specified APIs for the Janitor AI chatbot are the OpenAI API key or Kobold AI API key, but they cost a few bucks. Want to chat with Ronald Weasley? Click on his Profile that shows up, but if you do not have the API, Janitor AI will remind you with: “API not ready! Click to set up.” 

Using OpenAI API Key

Starting with a $5 trial, this OpenAI API subscription will equal 500 messages. Here, you can chat with bots (characters) up to 500 messages but cannot talk with them after the text limit. If you tried to do that, the Janitor AI chatbot would ask for the $5. But then again — those who wish to pay more and tap into the full-fledged, brilliant features of Janitor AI await a guide to get them there.

Please note that the key is only retained on one local device and never sent to the server. Below are the instructions to access the key:

  1. Register/login to your OpenAI account. 
  2. Click on your Profile at the top right corner of the screen. 
  3. Click on API keys. 
  4. Tap on Create new secret key.
  5. Name your new secret key and click on Create new secret key once more to receive your API. 

Once you have done that, copy and paste the API in the input box that says ‘OpenAI Key’ in the API settings. Save your settings and start conversing with your bot characters without any interruptions. 

Janitor AI characters
Janitor AI characters

Characters-crafting on Janitor AI Chatbot

Gathering all the creative minds: you have a free reign on the Janitor AI chatbot. The instructions below are your guidelines on how to create a character on the site 

  1. Begin at the Janitor AI Homepage. Select Create Character, found on the top right corner of the page. 
  2. Complete all the necessary fields as you wish. 
  3. Pick the relevant Tags for your Character. 
  4. Choose between the private/public option for your Character + if it is NSFW or not. 
  5. After filing all the information, hit the Create character button. 
  6. Your Character is ready to be chatted with. 

Reminder: Other users can chat with your Character (in their chatboxes) if you go for the public option. 

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Janitor AI chatbot is your getaway place full of possibilities. If you have bought APIs to explore the intense characters made by other users (or yourself), you will be stuck in a world of fun and adventure. While it’s not a good choice for professional content creation, as Janitor AI has a fair amount of NSFW content, its wide array of characters is quite a treat! 

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