Level Bolt Smart Lock For Enhanced SafetyYour keyless, smart, and invisible home security device.

Dispel all your worries about someone breaking into your house after you have installed the Level Bolt smart lock. An extremely efficient and reliable smart home device, these bolts ensure that you sleep without a care at night. Yet, many do not prefer smart locks because they fear hackers. 

With these bolt locks, homeowners can forget about hackers. If a hacker cannot see the smart lock, they would not attempt to break in — which is the case with Level’s. Proceed reading the article to learn about Level Bolt smart locks and how to install them after purchasing one. 

Security At Its Best: Level Bolt Smart Locks

A surefire way to stand up against robberies is choosing a smarter way to lock your doors. You never know what will happen, especially in a sketchy neighbourhood. You can use a smart lock you can depend on to prevent trespassers. In this regard, Level has excelled in keeping people safe at home. 

Specifications at a Glance

Those considering buying Level’s smart bolt lock (named Bolt Connect) have come to the right place. Small, hidden from sight, very durable, and effective in functioning, these bolts have had the sway of the market for the past few years. The table below describes all the relevant details of Level Bolt. 




Bluetooth 4.0 or later
Power Source


Battery Type

CR2 Lithium



2.8 ✕ 2.8 ✕ 4.5

Internet Access


Standard Profile Deadbolt

0.75 inches or greater

Door thickness

1.75 inches

Operating System

iOS 11.4 or later


Although you would not have to ‘show off’ the lock as it would be installed inside your door and out of prying eyes, the design is still pretty impressive. Besides the engineering that went into the Level Bolt lock, the polished surface and the shiny finish give you an insight into the lock’s durability. More importantly, the level has also met the standards of ANSI 156.40 residential deadbolts. 


Every review that has come in has praised Level’s smart lock. The unlocking and locking of the Bolt is carried out without any delay. The quick response to a single tap on your phone saves the time it would take to dig deep into your pockets in search of a key, jimmy it with its Bolt, and struggle until you realise it’s the car key. Level Bolt’s smooth working is what makes it a great option.  


From its installation to the practicality of its use, the Level smart lock Bolt perfectly suits a homeowner’s needs. You can pair the lock with your Apple HomeKit and control it from anywhere in the house via Siri. If you tell Siri on your Apple Watch to “lock the door,” it will be done quickly. Additionally, you have automations, shortcuts and other features on the system. 


The Level Bolt lock can let someone inside your house without you at home. For instance, if you are out for some groceries and a close relative is unannounced at your place, you can let them in via your phone. You can also share access with trustworthy people and view the comings and goings in the house. Also, the Bolt’s auto-lock feature helps those who leave the house in a hurry. 


Before it was put out as a smart home device, one of the Level products, the Bolt Connect, was run through 250,000 cycles of tests and confirmed to last 135 years of average use. Its bolts are also built with strengthening alloys of stainless steel, brass, bronze, and glass. The tiniest precision-geared motor drive train ever used in smart lock, the Level Bolt is indispensable. 

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Inside the Box: Bits and Pieces

The Bolt comes in four colours: Matte Black, Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, and Satin Nickel. Once you have received the package, you will find the following pieces in the box for Level Bolt Connect: the Bolt Connect itself, its WiFi Bridge, two-strike plates, six screws, and a CR2 Lithium battery. Make sure all of these are present for successful installation. 

Installation Process for Level Bolts

Installing is easier for those who have had a little experience with deadbolts. Start with removing your door’s deadbolt plates and the plates on both the door and the door jamb. Some complain that the process requires a handyperson as it is so demanding. Next, you (or a professional) have to insert the Bolt and the central body of the Level Bolt into the cutout in the door. 

Bear in mind that both halves of your deadbolt are aligned. If you screw in the Bolt without noticing that the fitting is awry, the lock will not work properly. You can use a spirit level to ensure the Bolt is correctly placed inside your door. Check the connectivity of your Bolt before screwing the plates back, too. 

Try out Bolt Smart Locks by Level

A variety of smart locks have been launched by Level, and among the best are Bolt Connect (as previously discussed), the Smart Lock Plus, and its range of Invisible Locks. Taking pride in smarter, more innovative ways to keep your home safe, Level has produced some of the best bolts in the market. 


What is a Level smart lock?

Known as the smallest smart lock ever, Level’s home security device allows you to access your home with an app, voice commands, or a regular key. 

Are bolt smart locks secure?

Since the lock fits inside your door, it is tucked away from sight. It has been tested and trusted by many experts. 

Do smart bolt locks by Level need Wi-Fi?

Yes, smart locks must be connected to the Wi-Fi for you to access its full features. 


Level Bolt smart locks are now. With these locks comes convenience and a smarter lifestyle. Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to unlock the front door when your hands are full or let a guest in by tapping your phone when you are not home. Smart locks by Level have proved that compactness does not mean a lack of functionality but rather a usefulness that prevents hackers and trespassers from breaking in.

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