MacBook Air 2024

Listen carefully to what the streets are saying about MacBook Air 2024. Apple released the recent MacBook Pro 16 with its slightly upgraded M3 Pro chip, and now intrigued tech heads are wondering what promise 2024 holds. Even though this year, Apple’s latest Macbook version was a hit, hopes are still tied to the Air’s launch in the next months to knock the ball out of the park. 

There have been some rumours going on about how Apple is going to play out its laptop next year, and while some are quite underwhelming to hear, others incite anticipation for Macbook Air 2024. 

Here’s What to Expect from MacBook Air 2024

Unearthing the specs for MacBook Air 2024
Macbook Air 2024 Specs

Speculations would say anything — from a fresh chipset to sharper resolution and enlarged storage capacity — but it is hard to figure out the truth from the tall tales. Nobody can be sure of what exactly to expect from the MacBook Air since Apple has kept its announcement and development under wraps. However, below is what we have found out till now:

Stretching the Storage

Apple Macbooks have received complaints about their storage capacity from the beginning. Even though the most recent Macbook 16 Pro had 1TB to 8TB storage space, it would not suffice for the heavy working conditions required by content creators (who went for the laptop for its brilliant graphics).

For the sake of an update, Apple might up the storage capacity a bit more. Those who refuse to purchase Apple’s cloud services would be happy to see this new feature on MacBook Air 2024. 

Bringing the Price Down

Another thing that is quite an issue with Apple users is the price tag of apple products. Buying MacBooks with a chunky amount on the bill only for them to “lose their touch” or be succeeded by a better version is disheartening indeed. Nevertheless, the rumour that the prices would come down has been revolving. 

If Apple has genuinely decreased their prices with the advent of the MacBook in the coming year, then it would have another plus point in the market: a competitive price. 

Maybe Another M3 Upgrade

Not many are sure if this is really going to happen, but for Apple MacBook Air 2024, there have been whispers that say that the M3 chip will see a breakthrough. Odds might be a bit against this statement, for the MacBook 16 Pro never truly was fitted with an upgraded M3 version but a variant from its line-up. 

To take over the M3 chip would lead to unimaginable possibilities. Already a masterstroke of brilliance, an M3 chip’s successor would provide performance not seen in any laptop ever. 

Apple MacBook Air 2024
MacBook Pro M3, at a glance

A Screen Revamp, Perhaps?

It is tricky to confirm anything right now, and separating the truth from the fake is not in anybody’s hands. Apple has been very secretive about its MacBook Air 2024 launch, and one can only speculate for the time being. Yet, there have also been rumours that the screen would see tiny changes. 

Alas, the Macbook 16 Pro does have a near-perfect screen (one could argue too perfect). Placing a bet at a screen revamp for the 2024 model would not be wise since it’s already considered immaculate by the users. 

Guessing the MacBook Air 2024 Release Date

With bated breath, Apple fanatics await the launch of MacBook Air next year. While there is nothing to go on about the exact release date, we can take a guess this way: MacBook Air with the M1 chip debuted in 2029 and then the M2 model in 2022. Most probably, taking into account the two-year time stamp, MacBook Air 2024 is happening. 

A reliable source by the name of Mark Gurman did say that the launch would take place around spring or summer (i.e.March–August.) If we take into consideration WWDC 2024, which is Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference, occurring in June, it seems valid to say that MacBook might be announced then.

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The MacBook Air 2024 Wishlist

Colors of MacBook
Available hues for Apple MacBook 2024

People have been adamant about a few things that Apple has to show up for in its future laptop releases. Following are three features that users want Apple to introduce in its MacBook Air debuting next year:

1. A price drop

It is unlikely that Apple would cut back on its sales prices. A multi-billion dollar company would prefer to stay a multi-billion dollar company, of course — but Apple has always tried to listen to its customers, and a price drop to happen has a tiny possibility. We can assume that the Apple MacBook Air 2024 price might be relatively lower than when its M2 version was released back in 2022. 

2. Screen Efficiency 

MacBook Air 2022 had a 15-inch screen, but the purpose of a smaller screen was defeated when the laptop was too heavy to carry around anyway. Yet, for businesspeople and workaholics who like to type away on their laptops even on trains and aeroplanes, the large size is unable to fit on the small tables there. Nevertheless, many wish for a bigger screen in the 2024 variant.

 3. Adding colours

There has been a monochrome trend of silver and grey paint jobs on MacBook Pros and Airs in recent years. Users — especially the younger demographics — wish for more funkier laptop colours. Apple has been keen to introduce lovely hues on other devices (such as the iPhones), and to see some in the MacBook Air 2024 would not be so bad. 

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What Apple products are coming out in 2024?

Apple will be busy marketing several products in 2024, including 11 and 12.7-inch iPad Pro models, iPad Air, AirPods Pro 3rd Generation, Refreshed Apple TV, and, of course, the rumoured MacBook Air. 

Is the MacBook Air being updated?

A two-year pattern has been observed with the update of MacBook Air (2020, 2022, and possibly 2024), and the next launch is likely to happen in WWDC in June 2024.

Is a MacBook Air better than a MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro (2023) has more unified memory, more ports, longer battery life, and a higher-end GPU and CPU integration than the latest MacBook Air (2022). 

Is the MacBook Air worth the money?

The MacBook Air offers much value for its M2. It is equipped with an Apple Silicon chipset that can easily manage hefty tasks, has a long-lasting battery life, and has amazing performance after the latest macOS updates. 


Apple is among the leading electronic device manufacturers of today, and their laptops have been top-tier. There is a chance for MacBook Air 2024 to make its debut, along with other products that Apple plans to put out there. More than a few rumours have been detailed in this article about this particular laptop, but it would take another month or so for Apple to remember there is a scheduled MacBook Air release date. 

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