reset apple watch series 3Reset Apple Watch Series 3

Facing complications in how to reset Apple Watch Series 3? You have come to the right place. Before you try any of the resetting options below, make sure what kind of resetting you need. There are two types of reset: hard reset and factory reset. There is a huge difference between them, so take precautions. A detailed guide to the question of how to reset Apple Watch Series 3 is a good way to start. Here, we have laid down everything you must know about Apple Watch Series 3 and its resetting framework. 

Before You Reset Apple Watch Series 3, Know This

Force restarting also means to reboot your phone. All app data is erased. However, the Activation Lock still needs to be removed for security reasons. To get rid of the Activation Lock, you would first have to unpair your Apple iPhone and Watch. Keep in mind this is an in-depth data cleaning procedure (rebooting) needed for moments when your Watch is acting out, like glitching or dysfunctioning.

Other things that we must suggest to do are back up your Apple Watch Series 3, check the battery to see if it is adequate for the whole process, disable the Activation Lock, go through pending updates, keep your phone and Watch in one place, and most importantly, resetting only when its the last straw — especially for factory reset! 

Factory resetting leads your Apple Watch 3 back to its factory settings. Your settings will turn back to their default state, and all data will be wiped out — new as the day you bought it. 

reset apple watch series 3
Reset apple watch series 3

A Handbook of Apple Watch Resets

Both resettings have different approaches and steps. You would also have to take a look at Recovery Mode beforehand when planning to factory reset Apple Watch Series 3. Let’s explore the step-by-step measures you must take to successfully factory reset your Apple Watch. 

Force Reset: Your First Option

Does your Apple Watch Series 3 stop working out of the blue? And it’s getting increasingly annoying. The simplest, most efficient way is to perform a force reset (not a hard reset). There might be bugs or minor viruses latched onto your Watch’s backend, and a little forced reset/restart does a fine job of thwarting them.

Your course of action to force reset your Apple Watch is as follows: There is a Crown Button (the fatter of two side keys) and a Side button, which you must press and hold simultaneously. Wait to let go until you see the Apple logo popping up on the screen. This indicates that the reboot has started. 

Now, wait for the reset Apple Watch Series 3 to switch on. Remember, you won’t be able to log into it if you do not know that password. The reboot doesn’t work like that. 

force reset apple watch series 3
Force reset apple watch series 3

Factory Reset Apple Watch Series 3

To factory reset Apple Watch Series 3, things can get technical. Comprehending each step is essential to avoid any trouble. First, back up your Apple Watch Series 3. This is to ensure that every important text, image, setting, or health data does not get rewritten. 

Back-up your device

Backing up is a challenging part. Just open your Watch app on your iPhone, and from My Watch tap, tap on your device. The tiny ‘i’ you see beside your Apple Watch Series 3? Tap that. Unpair your Apple Watch and tap on ‘Keep Your iPhone. The backup process will begin. 

Recovery Mode (Important!)

The next extremely crucial step is to put your Watch in Recovery Mode when you wish to reset Apple Watch Series 3. It’s a failsafe way to reboot the Apple Watch Series 3 operating system. Connect your charger with the Watch, also making sure that your Watch is sufficiently charged. Until you see the Power Off option, press and hold on to the side button. 

Once your Watch is switched off, press and hold the side button again until the Apple logo shows again. As it does, release the side key and promptly hold down the Crown Button. You’ll see the Apple logo, and the ‘Recovery Mode’ message will appear a few beats later. 

factory reset apple watch series 3
Factory reset apple watch series 3

Final Measures

Connect your Apple Watch Series to your computer as it’s in Recovery Mode. Remove the charge and insert the USB cable into the right computer jack. Your computer must also be running the latest version of iTunes, or else all your hard work will go to waste. Open the iTunes app on your computer, and if your Apple Watch Series successfully gets into Recovery Mode, the two will sync easily.

The detection by iTunes of your Watch would then allow you the option to ‘Restore Apple Watch.’Lastly, to reset the Apple Watch Series 3 to its default factory settings while still tapping into your computer, access iTunes once more. Click on the ‘Restore Apple Watch’ option on the app as mentioned earlier. 

A series of on-screen instructions will follow, telling you to install the latest watchOS version on your Apple Watch Series. Do that, then restart your Apple Watch. You have expertly factory reset Apple Watch 3. 

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Restoration of Back-up

You have to sell the Watch Series 3 or give it away. You can keep the data safe on your computer until you get a new Apple smartwatch, but if that is not the case, let’s retrace our steps; backing up the gadget saved your data from certain deletion as you would reset Apple Watch Series 3. A wise decision indeed, but now you are stuck and don’t know how to recover the said backed-up data. 

Apple found the solution to all your problems whether you want to reset iphone 13 pro max or apple watch. When it comes to the ‘hard reset Apple Watch Series 3,’ however, you need to take heed, like the data backup. To restore the smartwatch from the backup, open the Watch application on your iPhone. Pair the two according to the on-screen instructions. The ‘Restore from Back-up’ option will get all your data back. 


If you have recently decided to reset Apple Watch Series 3, we hope this comprehensive guide helped you triumph in your grueling task. You can also explore our other guides to reset iPhone and other items. Props go to Apple for adding a few extra layers of security in case of a stolen smartwatch, but that also means an hour or so dedicated to hard resetting your smartwatch.  Mindfully following the steps we have provided, the procedure won’t take longer than it is supposed to. 

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