rog phone 6 batman editionROG 6 Phone Batman Edition

Take your video gaming sessions to a whole new level with Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition. Released on October 10, 2022, this particular phone model is made for the Batman fanatics out there. This personal touch boasts style and functionality — a combo that has got a large crowd swarming this Rog Phone version. This phone’s abilities have brought in gamers who are die-hard Batman fans (though some love the theme too much to pass the opportunity), making it a hit in the gaming phone market. If you are interested and want to know about this product line’s brilliant features, continue reading the article. 

Asus Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition

Asus introduced many gaming laptops but this phone model with unique traits that make it stand out, like a vigilante with a mask and a thirst to make a difference — it comes with a fingerprint sensor under the screen, an accelerometer, a gyro (that detects screen rotation), a compass. It is only available in one color: Night Black. 

What sets it apart is its gaming features, which we would take a look at and analyze their significance to help those who are new to the tech world. 


Being a favorably large gaming device, Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition’s dimensions are 173 mm in height, 77 mm in width, and 10.4 mm in depth. It is pretty comfortable to handle and is practically feather-light, weighing 239g. Though some would say that it exceeds the average phone weight (233 grams), it is to be noted that the high performance does come with heavier hardware that can handle the speed. 

The glass front is resilient as its manufacturers are Gorilla Glass Victus, who are known for their damage-resistant and lightweight glass screens, which fit perfectly with the design but are pretty tough to crack. The aluminum frame also acts as a protective shield when the phone slips out of your hand. You can use two SIMs at the same time, too.  And don’t worry about water — the Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition is IPX4-approved.

You cannot submerge the phone in water, but you can use the flashlight in pouring rain. Like the bat signal lighting up the sky, the RGB logo on the back also lights up. Embedded on the body are pressure-sensitive zones (gaming triggers) that make gameplay an awesome experience. 

rog phone 6 batman edition body
Rog phone 6 batman edition body


Capable of displaying over a billion colors, with a refresh rate of 165Hz, the AMOLED screen is one of the top-shelf components of a high-functioning gaming phone. The HDR10+ display that peaks to 1200 nits enables the phone’s use in direct sun. The screen itself is almost 7 inches, with a resolution of 1080 by 2448 pixels. 

With an approximate 395 ppi density and Corning Gorilla Class Victus, all gamers can enjoy brilliant graphics and can see the dust settling when they drop a body. 

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Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition belongs to the Android 12 operating system generation. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 (in the US only) chipset may be a mouthful, but it’s also a rare gem of a feature among gamers, offering world-class graphics and the capacity to run heavy games. For international buyers, the Mediatek Dimensity 9000+ hits the sweet spot. 

The Octa-core processor ensures the phone’s super-fast performance, one of the reasons why gaming on this phone is so flawless. The Adreno 730 and Mali-G710 graphic units, too, are the brawns behind Rog 6’s sharp resolution. 

display of rog phone 6
Display of rog phone 6


Although the Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition is not a camera phone — gamers don’t need cameras much when they are playing on a mobile gadget — the capture abilities of this one are still astounding. The triple main camera (on the back) has 50, 13, and 5 MPs, with wide, ultrawide, and macro capture prowess. The LED flash, HDR option, and panoramas are just add-ons. 

You can record videos up to 8K at twenty-four frames per second — a staggering figure that normal phones don’t usually have. The selfie camera (on the front) is 12 MP and 28mm wide, also with HDR and panorama facilities. 


What is a gaming device if it does not have a modest sound system? Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition has not one but two loudspeakers (stereo speakers + amplifiers) along with a headphones jack that you can have some game time without disturbing people around you. The clear-cut audio (courtesy of MediTek/Snapdragon) makes the experience quite immersive, too. 

camera features of rog 6 batman
Camera features of rog 6 batman


Being a high-functioning gaming gadget that is powered by bulky tech stuff, the phone might be prone to run out of battery in a couple of hours. That’s not the case with this one, though: Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition’s Li-Po non-removable battery of 6000 mAh can endure several hours of gaming, requiring 65W wired charging when the bar is low. 

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Other features

You can lock or unlock the phone with your fingerprint — an extra assurance that no one steals valuable data and media. The memory of this phone is a whopping 256 GB with 12 GB RAM, that provides it with a platform of high functionality. You might run out of that, too, at one point, but its NTFS supports external storage. You can connect to another device via Bluetooth or connect to an external LED screen from its USB-C slot.

It has GPS and GLONASS for accurate navigation purposes. On the downside, the Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition doesn’t have a radio, in case you want to catch some radio channels. It does, however, have Near Field Communication services for short-range wireless technologies requiring a distance of 4cm or less for the connection to be successful. 

Asus Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition Price

With exceptional features like a high-capacity battery and a strong specification portfolio, it makes sense that the Price Rog 6 is sold at $401 (as of today); the price may fall over time. 


Batman-themed, fuelled by octa-core and a graphic card that gives ultra-HD resolution, this phone is worth the hype. It appeals to the market for its sonic performance and excellent capturing abilities. Asus has come far with its Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition. Silent, dangerously good, and doing the job well: the Batman concept suits this gaming phone perfectly.

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