samsung galaxy tab s7 FE 5GSamsung galaxy tab s7 FE 5G

A great addition to your mobile gadgets is the renowned Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. It has been a couple of years since it first came out, but that does not mean people have forgotten about it. On the contrary, being a top-quality Samsung product, it’s been a massive hit after it . This tablet is stuffed with handy and brilliant features for the best user experience.

Whether you are using it as a professional or a student who takes electronic notes in class, it suits the needs of many people. Now that we have settled this tablet’s significance, let us explore the features and specifications that make it so admirable. 

An Look Into Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Specs

Samasung invariably has exceeded expectations in the world of technology. It cannot be denied that, for the past two decades, electronic gadgets have gained momentum in markets solely for their efficiency. Each one of Samsung product features remarkable quality whether its a Samsung watch, phone, projector, or TV. In May 2021, they released Tab S7 FE and received positive feedback from the users. The specifications given below explain the reason for Tab S7 FE’s huge impact. 


The strong glass front with aluminium covering the back and the frame gives the tablet a stylish look yet also ensures durability. If you have given the tab in the hands of an energetic child, for instance, you should expect it back without even a scratch. The aluminium actually acts as a shield for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE case. 

Weighing a relatively light 608g from other tablets, the 284.8 mm x 185 mm x 6.3 mm tablet signifies a generously wide screen — an appropriate element for those who enjoy hard-hitting graphics on a bigger screen. The tablet does support a nano-SIM, and you can use a pen for it is also Stylus-compatible

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Body
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Body


Another phenomenal feature for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is its vivid screen display. The enormous 12.4 inches TFT LCD “improves the image qualities such as addressability and contracts.” Digital artists, especially, are in love with this feature, because it provides bright and accurate colours for their art. The screen takes up 84.6% of the tablet’s body, too. 

The 1600 by 2560 pixels gives the tablet the hype it deserves. You need not to use heavy fingers to go around the table, either. While the high definition is something most tablet-users pine for, sometimes the glass front is too thick for a touchscreen. Feathery light touch would be enough to command the tablet. 


Running on Android 11 (can be upgraded on Android 13), the One UI 5.1 chip makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G run swiftly and without a fault to its name. The Snapdragon 750G (8nm) is another plus point, providing high performance that can be compared to a PC. 

The octa-core processors combined with Adreno 642L ensures that the high resolution and the hoard of storage does not slow down the tablet. They are designed in order to add hardware-accelerated 3D capabilities. If you are a designer, this in particular would do wonders for you. 

Samsung Tab S7 FE
Samsung Tab S7 FE


There is a dedicated slot on Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE for a microSDXC memory card. Although the tablet’s internal storage of 64GB with a 4GB RAM is enough for general use, designers or people who use heavy application software would opt for a memory card to not burdenise the performance. The tablet also comes with 128GB of 6GB RAM and 256GB of 8GB RAM for those who would like more space on their devices for some heavy-duty work. 


If someone buys a tablet — i.e., a bigger screen rather than a mobile phone’s tinier one — the heavy gadget is hard to manoeuvre and, thus, is not used much for photography. However, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s cameras are known for their incredibly sharp pixel captures, despite being a tablet device. The main camera can take 8 MP pictures and 1080p videos at 30 fps. 

Many professionals were glad for the improved picture quality as it meant that they could attend a meeting without their blurred faces being a little too much of a distraction. 

storage of Galaxy Tab S7 FE
Storage of Galaxy Tab S7 FE


Loudspeakers are very important for massive devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. If you have got yourself a big screen to have more fun watching stuff, a poor sound system ruins everything. That is where S7 FE’s stereo speakers come to the rescue. Although there is no headphone jack (Bluetooth is available if you are going wireless), you would not be needing any, either. The audio and video sounds are also tuned by AKG, a renowned brand of the tech world. 


You will be able to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE for long time. The Li-Po 10090 mAh non-removable battery is one of the leading kinds, giving hours and hours of battery life even when you are gaming. The wired charging is powered on 45 W, and you would get a full bar in just hundred and ninety minutes. 

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Other Features

There is more to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE than everything we mentioned, though. With this exceptional tablet device, you have accessorised features such as an accelerometer (to track speed), a proximity sensor (to detect familiar devices nearby), compass, gyro (for rotation) and a USB Type C cable connector. 

You can buy a Tab S7 FE at just $680. For positioning, the features also include GPS and GLONASS, giving excellent and accurate positioning in times of need. Moreover, the Wi-Fi 802.11 provides high speed internet surfing and minimum buffering when it comes to binge-worthy content. 


Techyaims always strive to provide you with best possible updates and solutions on technology. We hope this review have helped you get insights on galaxy tab S7. With knock-out specs its winning features, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE has become a leading tablet device for a diverse populace. From students, professors, engineers, and business people, this innovative tablet offers efficiency, reliability and top-of-the-shelf performance. This tablet is easily a benchmark for more Samsung gadgets to come. Indeed, since its release in 2021, the likes of Apple and Google have introduced spectacular products – but Samsung has set the standards.

An integration of style and functionality takes all the points home. If you are one of the people who fancy themselves an excellent Samsung product, take a look at Galaxy Tab S7 FE. 

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