Samsung galaxy z flip 5Samsung Galaxy z flip 5

The flipside is looking good with Galaxy Z Flip 5. A refreshing, compact, and dynamic smartphone, Samsung went all in for its development. The new features hold the promise of a new age of flip phones. Life is made easier with the literal pocket-sized, 6.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. First released on August 11, 2023, the ones who bought it marveled at its performance. 

Calling out all the like-minded individuals who live for digital miracles like Galaxy Z Flip 5, below is a detailed overview of its features and specifications you should know before buying. 

Your Pocket Companion: Galaxy Z Flip 5

Although flip phones have had a bad reputation since the beginning of the twenty-first century, their recent upgrades have made them a spectacle of the technological world. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is no different, either, and we are here to prove how. 


When unfolded, the flip phone is a mere 165.1 x 71.9 x 6.8 mm — perfect to slip smoothly in your front shirt pocket. With a thickness of almost 7mm, its 187g body is within the average range of phone weights, enough to tell that, stuffed with features, it’s relatively lighter than most smartphones of today. Its plastic front, glass back, and aluminum armor are a savior from scratches and accidental mishandling. 

It accepts nano-SIM and eSIM, so if you want either of the two options, you are good to go. Moreover, many take precautions even after knowing their device is water-resistant. No such worries are imminent for Galaxy Z Flip 5, with its IPX8 water resistance, enduring up to 1.5 mm for half an hour. You can totally depend on this flip phone, for it takes you through the day without fretting over it breaking down. 

galaxy z flip 5
Galaxy z flip 5


This flip phone’s technical (and long) name is Foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X, 120Hz, and HDR10+ — while peaking 1750 nits for an ultra-brightness in sun-lit outdoors. The whole flip phone maybe 6.7 inches, as mentioned before, but Galaxy Z Flip 5’s screen-to-body ratio is approximately 86%, giving you ample room for tapping and typing. 

The resolution is 1080 x 2640 pixels, with the AMOLED giving you a sharp and vibrant screen display. The cover display boasts a 3.4-inch screen of 720 x 748 pixels. Its tough Gorilla Class Victus 2 armor makes it invincible to drop from a height of 1 meter. 


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor takes high performance to a whole new level. The premium standard AI marvel has high-functioning accelerators, champion-level gameplay, and ingenious capture. It is equipped with robust 5G coverage with a record-breaking Wi-Fi speed — all included in the Galaxy Z Flip 5. 

The revolutionary Octa-core and Adreno 740 make the flip phone the ultimate choice from its Android 13 predecessors. While the Octa-core assures top-notch competence, the Adreno 740 is the graphics processing unit manufactured for the sole purpose of immersive gaming. 


While no card slot for your SSD card may provide extra storage, you won’t need any, either. The 256GB of internal storage, accompanied by 8GB of RAM, gives the Galaxy Z Flip 5 phone a PC-like facility. Not only that, the era-defining Universal Flash Storage 4.0 (UFS 4.0) comes with “double the speed of previous generations” because of its 46% increased power efficiency and a generous 1TB capacity. 

galaxy z flip 5 specs
Galaxy z flip 5 specs


There are two back cameras on this high-end flip phone, both mastering 12 MPs easily. That refers to the fact that they bag twelve million pixels in one image alone. The wide and ultra-wide features allow the user to take group photos without leaving anybody out. Basic features prevalent in later Galaxy phone series, like LED flash, HDR, and panorama, are also present. 

Galaxy Z Flip 5’s camera sensors are optimized to enable the single 10 MP front camera to get more light in dim places, maintaining that image quality even under the night sky. Both cameras capture videos with frames per second in 4K, although the frames increase in number as we reduce HDR. 


If you are tired of your decade-old smartphone with muffled, barely audible speakers, let a pocket-sized miracle change these tiring ways. Galaxy Z Flip 5 is fitted with loud stereo speakers that blast in 32-bit, or 384kHz — majestic. However, there is not a headphone jack. The stereo speakers are self-sufficient, really. 

samsung z flip 5 camera
Samsung z flip 5 camera features


Lithium polymer batteries give Galaxy Z Flip 5 a higher specific energy than other types of batteries that were used in other smartphones. The large figure of 3700 mAh of its battery holds the promise of lasting longer and charging faster, with 50% charge confirmed under 30 minutes on a 25 W wire. Though the wireless and reverse wireless charging would be a lot slower. 

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Other features

Now that you know the specifics, there are a few features that add to the tasteful and praise-worthy experience that comes from owning Galaxy Z Flip 5. The tri-band Wi-Fi 802.11 means faster Internet browsing and video streaming, Bluetooth for your wireless headphones, and a GPS operated by GLONASS for an accurate Russian satellite navigation system. Other features are: the fingerprint sensor on the side allows biometrics security, the accelerometer that can track driving speed and walking pace, the gyroscope’s ability to autorotate, the proximity sensor, a compass, and a barometer to check atmospheric pressure.

Samsung Pay (certified by Visa and MasterCard) is also included. Near-field communications for a short-range wireless connection can be carried out, too. Yet, being a compact device, there is no radio for your offline hours. The flip comes in “nature-inspired” colors of mint, graphite, cream, and lavender, with gray, blue, green, and yellow as other options. There are six models of this name, depending on your camera and storage necessities. Galaxy Z Flip 5’s price as of today is $999.99 only and may differ from region to region. 


Flip phones have regained popularity in this decade, courtesy of Samsung’s fast-paced, ingenious investments in the growing technological age. The culmination of years of hard work and innovative tactics — this flip phone is no ordinary feat. With the flip phone, you can also go for Samsung Galaxy Z fold 5 series. Those who have bought and used its marvelous features and lived its overall high performance, tough-to-crack, efficient workings laud the brilliant Galaxy Z Flip 5.

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