An In-Depth Samsung Q60A ReviewEverything to know about Samsung Q60A TV model.

Right now, the most affordable option in the QLED series is the beloved Samsung Q60A. The specifications of this television, however, can be deceiving. With a spectacular performance yet a price tag that survives the budget, Q60A and Q60B is the talk of the town. It is a bit suspicious that, even with the QLED panel technology, Q60A has a relatively lower price than other TVs of Samsung. Therefore, to get to know more about this Samsung TV model, proceed with the article — because binge-watching has never been better. 

Briefing You on a Samsung Q60A TV Review

Like all Samsung products, there are pros and cons of the Q60A TV (2021) that must be considered before your final purchase. In order to make your life easier, we have provided all the specifications of this Samsung TV model in the table below: 

Detailing Specifications


Samsung Q60A TV model
A few specifications labelled on the Q60A model.

Here is a quick look at what Q60A consists of:


Resolution 4K (3840×2160)
Display types QLED
Dimming tech Supreme USD
HDR support HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
Native refresh rate 60Hz
eARC support Yes
Colour 10-bit chrome resoltuion
Smart platform Tizen

Quantum Processor 4K Lite

Data of Performance

Samsung Q60A has been run through test patterns to figure out how it performs and to what extent it can give the best results. While tech heads would be able to decipher the said test patterns, we have dumbed down the output acquired. That way, you would be able to learn about this Samsung TV model without getting lost in the technicalities. 

The nits received from the tests were reasonably good for a relatively low-priced TV model. It got amazing marks in the color gamut coverage and proved its brilliant dynamics by showing sufficient nits. Thus, there is a reason why people are on a scavenger hunt for Samsung Q60A. 


Moreover, this Samsung TV model offers several connectivity options. It is to be noted, however, that in comparison to other expensive alternatives, Q60A has fewer choices to connect to external sources. The ports on the TV set are listed as follows:

  • HDMI 2.0 (x3)
  • USB 2.0 (x2)
  • Ethernet (LAN) Input
  • Digital audio out (optical)
  • RF in (for satellite/cable)

Standout Features for Samsung Q60A 2021

The Samsung Q60A model.
Another peek at the Samsung Q60A TV.

There are some features on the Q60A model that have been making a massive impact on the users. From its excellent performance to the downright gorgeous centerpiece, this Samsung TV has a lot to boast about. Let us break down what these special features are. 

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Lookin’ Sharp

A TV set with handsome looks does not go amiss among users. People want their living room to emit a welcoming yet stylish vibe — a Q60A adds to the ambiance, too. Slim, smart, and easy to install, this model has leveled up with other high-end competitors because of its body. 

It is sensible to say that those who buy Samsung Q60A factor in the element of impressing their guests when they walk into their TV room. The love for Q60A stems from its thin bezels and almost no effort in the assemblage process. 

Breakthrough Performance

What more does one need than a 4K/HDR TV (which this model has, by the way)? Courtesy of its quantum dots in the QLED panel, the brightness of Q60A is pretty decent. Prepare a giant pack of popcorn because it is going to be a long night of binge-watching. The resolution is outstanding, even if relatively lower than the TVs of today. 

The motion performance is amazing, too. For customers, there is a bonus point in the tipping balance of price and performance. The competence of this TV is top-tier (if not top-tier, among the ‘above tiers’), but the Samsung Q60A 2021 price is currently at $957.50

Packing a Punch

Perhaps the Q60A model of Samsung TVs does not have other-worldly specifications, as seen in the freshly launched Samsung S95C series. But for daily viewing, Q60A proves to be apt in all areas. For instance, its high brightness, up-to-scratch contrast, and expanded color coverage are enough for an everyday user. 

Furthermore, more features contribute to the good name of Q60A, like how it is integrated with numerous apps and smart functions, such as the Game Bar software menu for gamers. It also comes with the Samsung Health ecosystem, linking your smart home devices with the TV. 

Samsung Q60A in a room.
What do other TV models have that Samsung Q60A doesn’t?

What does the Samsung Q60A lack?

There certainly are some cons to buying the Q60A model of Samsung TV. You can indeed “get the premium feel without the premium cost,” but the appliance is still any closer to the brilliance of the latest releases. Q60A boasts a lovely design, is an eco-friendly solution, has reputable software, and has an empowering QLED panel. 

Nevertheless, it still lacks the first-generation features we see in the latest TVs. Those who prefer to stay up to date with their electronic products would not give a second glance to the Samsung Q60A. It falls short in the ports and refresh rate department also (with no HDMI 2.1 compatibility and only 60Hz refresh rate.) 

Another element that is lacking in the Q60A model is its nits, i.e., measurement of brightness. You would not receive more than 400 nits on this TV set, and the color saturation could be better. Yet, those who are not a stickler for such advanced features can make do with the Q60A model. 


When was the Samsung Q60A released?

Samsung’s Q60A was released in the year 2021. 

Is Samsung Q60A worth buying?

Both design, performance, and picture quality are winning points of this TV, which is why it can be a solid choice for everyday users. 

Does Samsung Q60A have 4K?

The Q60A model of Samsung has an upscaling technology that gives a 4K resolution, i.e., 3840×2160 pixels on the screen. 

Is the Samsung Q60A 65-inch a smart TV?

Yes, Q60A is a smart TV with smart TV features such as WiFi connectivity and access to streaming platforms and voice commands. 


Samsung Q60A (2021) is a solid choice for those who wish to stay under their “Samsung product” budget but still get a stunning performance. It is a satisfactory TV overall, with great picture quality, a long list of add-on features, and a beautiful design. While not a frontrunner of TVs of today, it’s given strong preference in various reviews.

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