An Extensive Guide To Samsung Q60BSamsung Q60B: An Overview

Samsung has come up with some of the most bewildering technological advancements in its TVs, and that also includes Samsung Q60B. Samsung offers different sizes of TVs such as Samsung 55inch tv. However in Q6oB Ispecifically, you will find excellent picture quality and great performance. Launched in 2022, however, there are some missing features in Q60B that recent releases have overthrown. 

Continue reading the article to get an in-depth overview of Samsung’s Q60B model and a few resolved queries that have troubled many users. Let us first take a look at the TV set’s specifications and how they add to the home appliance’s competence. 

Samsung Q60B: A Concise Specs Profile

In order to not be bombarded with the overwhelming technicalities of the specifications of this Samsung model, being precise and to the point would be a better approach. Those who wish to (or are planning to) buy it can take a peek at the tables with the listed features and get a brief on what they stand for.


Picture specifications for Samsung Q60B
Overview of Samsung Q60B picture specifications

Picture quality does not just consist of the pixels and aspect ratio but also the contrast of colours. There is no point in purchasing a TV that does not do justice to the brilliant cinematography of movies and TV shows of today. If you factor in all the specifications mentioned below, even with excellent picture quality, the contrast can be considered mediocre.



Screen size 55”
Resolution 4K (3840×2160)
One billion colours Yes
Picture engine Quantum Processor Lite
Colour Quantum Dot
Contrast Mega Contrast
Film Mode Yes


One of the best things about Samsung Q60B is its gorgeous AirSlim design. In a TV room that is kept neat and sophisticated, Q60B will only add to the elegance with its clean lines and sleek finish. Furthermore, the stand that it comes with is the monochromatic Titan Gray New Simple Stand — a minimalism that has been adapted by TVs nowadays. 

Smart Features

Brimful with smart features, this model is for those who want a piece of the high-end characteristics of state-of-the-art TVs without being engulfed by advanced features they have to get accustomed to. Nevertheless, every Samsung Q60B review praises the integration of the best modern attributes in the TV, as shown by the following table:

Features Details
Smart platform Tizen
Bixby Yes
Built-in Alexa Yes
Google Assistant working Yes
Alex working Yes
SmartThings App Support Yes
WiFi Direct Yes
Web Service Microsoft 365


Whether it is for gaming on a PS5, watching a pirated movie on a USB, or showing pictures on your laptop on a bigger screen, you can perform these tasks on the Samsung Q60B. A myriad of devices can be connected to this TV model, bringing you ease of use and ending the hassle of finding alternate ways to link your TV with external sources. 

Features Details
Ethernet (LAN) 1
WiFi WiFi5
Bluetooth BT5.2
Digital Audio Out 1 (Optical)
RF In (cable/satellite) Yes
eARC Yes (HDMI 2)


Samsung Q60B in a room.
How the Q60B model will look in your posh home.

A good TV always comes with a resounding audio system and saves you the extra charges for a soundbar. Progressive TV sets have taken upon themselves the duty to deliver audio that does not need woofers and subwoofers — this also includes the Samsung Q60B 75inch and 65inch variants. Check out the audio layout for this TV below:

Features Details
Dolby Digital Plus Yes
Object Tracking Sound OTS Lite
Q-Symphony  Yes
Sound Out (RMS) 20W
Speaker type 2CH
Bluetooth Audio Yes
Adaptive Sound Yes

A How-To Outline to Get Out of the Woods

Being an avant-garde TV model, some buyers have trouble navigating through the somewhat overstuffed interface. To a person who is completely new to the use of smart Samsung TVs, a guide could come in handy. The most common problems that the users face are discussed in the subsequent subheadings.

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How to Factory Reset the Samsung Q60B TV?

Samsung has simplified the process of factory resetting on its TVs. In a few short steps, you can easily revert your TV settings and configurations to how you found them in the box. Here is how to execute it: 

  1. Open up Settings and select ‘General.’
  2. Choose ‘Reset.’ Enter your PIN. The default PIN is 0000. Click on Reset again. 
  3. Select OK. The TV would now restart itself. 

Self-diagnosing your Samsung Q60B

When you are in doubt about the performance of your TV, it is time to run a self-diagnostic of the TV. Thankfully, Q60B is integrated with a self-diagnostics menu, so whenever its user has to test the various conditions directly, Self-Diagnosis can be carried out by following these instructions: 

  1. Go to Settings > All Settings > Support. 
  2. Scroll down to Device Care. 
  3. Select Self Diagnosis. 
  4. Choose the issue that you are facing, such as ‘HDMI Troubleshooting.’ 
  5. If an issue is detected, contact Samsung Support 
Diagnosing for issues on the Samsung Q60B TV.
Troubleshooting via the Samsung’s Q60B interface.

Figuring out the Network Status

At times, the TV may face Internet complications. To find out which end of the connection is the cause of this obstacle (for you cannot stream movies with WiFi), the Samsung Q60B needs to be checked for its Network Status. A built-in test will tell you what is up, and you can conduct it by taking this course of action: 

  1. Press the HOME button on your TV remote. 
  2. Go to Settings > General > Network. 
  3. From the list, choose Network Status. 
  4. Information on the network will appear on the screen and identify the issue. 


What is the price of a Q60B Samsung TV in the USA?

The current price on Samsung’s site for Q60B is $899.99. 

Is Samsung Q60B a good option for a TV?

With a brilliant picture quality, slim design, and ample connectivity ports, Q60B proves to be a good option for a TV. 

What Samsung TV will be released in 2024?

There has not been any intel on the TVs by Samsung in 2024, but expected features to include in their future lineups can be dimming zones on its high-end QLED panels and more focus on QD-OLED technology. Further news could be announced at Samsung’s CES 2024. 

How to connect a soundbar to my Samsung TV?

A simple procedure will connect your soundbar to your Samsung TV. First, prepare an HDMI cable beforehand. Link the TV to the soundbar via the HDMI cable. Turn on the Samsung Q60B soundbar and set the Source to D.IN. The two are now connected. 

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Samsung’s model of Q60B is a reasonably good TV. Infusing modernity with accessibility, this TV is a high-end feature in the 2022 lineup. Its 4K resolution, plethora of connectivity ports, robust audio system, and sleek design are its bonus points. Even if the contrast is quite off-putting (relative to the latest TVs), you can still get a solid performance from the Samsung Q60B. 

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