samsung s23 ultraSamsung S23 Ultra

You might believe you carry the phone everywhere, but with the Samsung S23 Ultra — the phone takes you to places. A slight problem occurs when it becomes hard for the user to implement the best-selling features. Whether you are the digital generation or an old-timer, technological advancements outrun the ordinary man. We understand how stressful and annoying it can get to wrap your head around new things — that’s what we are here for. Continue reading the article for a user guide on the Samsung S23 Ultra, discussing selective features that are the hardest to access. 

The Basics of Samsung S23 Ultra

The first thing you need to do after buying is to turn it on and set up your device. Like other smartphones (run on Google OS), pressing the side key (Power Button) switches it on. Adding the Google Account, bringing data from an older Samsung phone, or other starting up tasks is guided by the Setup Wizard, so follow its instructions. 

The interface and all touch gestures are the same as before, so you won’t have a problem figuring it out. However, everything will be cleared as we move toward the more technical part of this phone’s functions. Its possible that Samsung will introduce AI Model in its new models, which be helpful in performing many actions. 

Samsung S23 Ultra: Every Useful How-To 

As electronic gadgets become increasingly advanced, an average person’s grasp of technology loosens. Fret not, for we have laid out the solution in simple words. The optimization of smartphones was essential to achieve greater efficiency, and the Samsung S23 Ultra leads in that aspect. The 2023 GPU-based, high-tech smartphone with notably improved performance has some complicated features that we will expand on. 

Samsung S23 Ultra user guide
Samsung S23 Ultra user guide

How turn off Samsung S23 Ultra?

Before switching on your device to use it, Samsung has always suggested not to do that with a broken phone and only use it once it is repaired. To turn on your device, press and hold the Side key. However, to turn it off, press and hold the Side and the Volume down keys simultaneously. Tap ‘Power off’ and confirm when prompted. 

How to restart Samsung S23 Ultra?

Restart your Samsung S23 Ultra by using the press-and-hold technique of the Side and Volume down keys. The restart option will pop up on your screen. 

How to take a screenshot on Samsung S23 Ultra?

Once you have learned and performed the task of capturing a picture that is on your phone screen, the device will automatically make a Screenshots folder in the Gallery app. Swipe the edge of your hand across the screen to take a screenshot — a ‘Palm Swipe’ is the shorter term. If, after multiple tries, you are unable to take a screen, here is what you can do:

  • To capture, click Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures > Palm swipe. 
  • Enable by tapping. 
Samsung s 23 ultra specs
Samsung s 23 ultra specs

How to access quick settings in Samsung S23 Ultra?

Everything is in one place on the Notification panel. Once you slide down the discussion, the most common settings are in the Quick Settings section. The icons are labelled and light up when switched on or dullen a grey hue when off. In that case, you only need to tap on it, but tap and hold if you want to open the quick setting. 

How to use S Pen in Samsung S23 Ultra?

Another groundbreaking innovation is the S Pen. But since it’s a relatively new feature, some people must know its full functionality. The S Pen is stored away in the bottom of the Samsung S23 Ultra, charging, too. Push the pen inward, and it will slide out on its own. From air view to air actions, the pen brings a lot of comfort and reliability to the smartphone experience. You can also use the search engine without lifting your phone because the UI system of the Samsung S23 Ultra can read your handwriting. 

This marvellous pen has an ‘Anywhere actions’ feature that aids the user’s air commands. For instance, gesture up and down to go to the home screen. You can access your applications, send ‘handwritten’ texts, and peruse the Internet with extra light on your hand. 

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How to track Digital Wellbeing in Samsung S23 Ultra?

Monitor your and your device’s activity with this feature. Found in the main Settings, check out your app usage, incoming notifications, and times you unlocked your phone over months, weeks, or in a single day. You can set a screen time goal or develop an app timer to reduce your phone usage. You can also connect your car’s Bluetooth to check which app you use the most. 

Galaxy s23 ultra
Galaxy s23 ultra

How to put biometrics in Samsung S23 Ultra?

An extra layer of security is always a good thing. With the new Samsung S23 Ultra, you can use biometrics to lock your phone or applications. The best option for biometrics is your face, as it assures no one invades your privacy. 

To set up your biometrics, open Settings, tap ‘Security and privacy’, then > biometrics > face recognition. 

The instructions are provided to you as you choose this option, and once it’s done, your phone won’t open while reading your face.

How to use Multi Window in Samsung S23 Ultra?

Sometimes, we need to multitask. Samsung S23 Ultra can bring the best multitasking experience. The wider-than-usual screen and neat interface make it easy to split the screen and carry on with your project. You can also take notes with your S Pen while attending online lessons. The three lines at the bottom of the screen are the Recent Apps.

If you tap on the app icon of one of the Recent Apps, the ‘Open in split screen view’ option will show. Tap on it, and the two app windows can be used simultaneously. The window border is the slightly thick straight line cutting through the middle and can be moved up or down to adjust window size. 

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Newly released phones are exciting to use as we know there are never-before-seen features like Palm Swipe or S Pen’s air gestures in our smartphone. BECAUSE OF THIS, Samsung S23 Ultra is a must to checkout. Along with new features and a fresh look, there are other essential details like this smartphone’s high-performance GPU, which is the perfect deal for gamers.

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