Samsung S24 SeriesSamsung S24 Series

Prepare to be stumped by the Samsung S24 Series in a few months. Samsung is launching another hit in the market. The S23 Series was a massive hit in the market (within reason), and it is no wonder Samsung will exceed all expectations with its new model. Rumours have been flying around that the S24 is the bigger, better version of its predecessor. That is easy to follow since new releases are meant to fix all major and minor issues of the previous gadget.

But the real question is: how will Samsung top the unprecedented quality of the Galaxy S23? Continue with the article to check out some of the rumoured features of the Samsung S24. 

A Spectacle Already: Samsung S24 Series

The Samsung S23 Series set the standards. The camera, pixels, colours, battery life, and operating system are beloved by the users. Catching snippets from whispers, we have collected some intel on the S24 Series’ and will explore them in this section. Remember that while they are pretty solid facts and figures, Samsung is good at keeping things under wraps. Here are the things we have figured out for the yet-to-debut Samsung S24. 


Samsung’s future flagship phone is meant to become the best of the best. It is presumed that Samsung will retain its three-part Galaxy S lineup; the market will be introduced with a susceptible 6.1-inch standard version, with its 6.6-inch S4 Plus and 6.8-inch Galaxy S24 Ultra counterparts. It is what is usually seen in the triple-trouble Samsung smartphones. 

It is likely, however, that the S24 would be slightly larger. That is mainly due to the possibility that more features would take up more space, and the Samsung S24 will end up bulked somewhat up than its previous version. The design would remain the same, too, with titanium sides that mirror Apple’s iPhone 25 Pro models. 

Samsung S24 Series
Samsung S24 Series


A larger display automatically means a larger screen. The AMOLED panels can never go out of style, with 120Hz max refresh rate assured on all models. But as an upgrade, a 48Hz minimum refresh on regular and a competent 1Hz minimum on the Ultra might be seen. Leaks are singing a different song, though — and it’s a siren call: LTPO displays

Samsung S24 might have the notorious and much-awaited LTPO displays, which boast marvellous brightness, tolerance to high temperatures, and impeccable, lifelike resolutions for the best viewing experience. Streets say the nits would go as far up as a respectable 2500. 


Snapping pictures these days has become the norm. High-quality images for social media posts have taken the world by storm. Samsung understands its market demands quite well and might perfect the camera quality even more with the advent of the Samsung S24. Apple and Samsung always argue over their camera features, and this time, Samsung may have a strong case. 

However, the leaks are still determining if the camera would have any significant changes in its name. The S23’s already 50 MP primary camera and 12 MP ultrawide/10MP 3x telephoto selfie camera (with sensors) have increased the Samsung product value. It is not plausible that the manufacturers would tinker with it. 

Samsung S24 camera
Samsung S24 camera


More rumours tell us that, this time, Samsung will use stacked batteries in its freshest series. It indicates that the Samsung S24 smartphones will now offer better energy density without increasing size (and weight). A sneak peek of Samsung’s struggle to improve its battery game tells us that they might boost the energy density by up to 10%. 

It would certainly not be less than S23’s acclaimed 4700 mAh and 5000 mAh batteries. A bump up a few figures — an estimate of 4900 mAh — is a reasonable guess. The charger speed of 65W (and up from 45W) has already been certified for use in China, and it’s high time Samsung introduces it in the coming year. 


Intel on the storage for Samsung S24 Ultra has been that it would offer 256GB of storage and 12GB RAM. Not only does this storage mean extra space for your high-quality, overflowing images and videos. This is almost the same as Samsung S23’s storage properties (8GB RAM rather than 16GB), buy Samsung may have something up its sleeve. 

The RAM is definitely to increase. The higher price range might be associated with the more considerable RAM power, though this can only be proven once the product is out. The more the RAM, however, the merrier users will be. 

storage space of Samsung s24
Storage space of Samsung s24

Other features

In the Samsung S24 Series, the chipset will be of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The possibilities are limitless, too — they can offer the latest Snapdragon silicon in the Ultra version globally. It is between a Snapdragon or the Exynos 2400 chip for the S24 and S24 Plus (depending on your location). 

A significant improvement would be seen in the power compared to the predecessor, using a blend of prime, performance, and efficiency cores. Another essential feature of the S24 is the GPU, CPU, and enhanced AI performance

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When Is the Samsung S24 Coming Out?

The release date for S24 Model of Samsung has yet to be unveiled, but all hopes remain. The Samsung Galaxy S24 will likely be introduced to the markets around January or February 2024. More information on the revealing ceremony of the S24 model of Samsung has yet to be discovered.  The CES has to conclude a definite time for the Galaxy Unpacked event for 2024, which means more patience. One thing is for sure, though: mid-January looks suitable for the event day. 


Samsung S24 will be a breakthrough for the Android phones. The features rolling in (even if they are half-truths) are astounding. It is not that there is little to know about S24 — the rumours are not shots in the dark. But whether they are for real or just falsifiable information, everybody is waiting for an S24-related announcement from Samsung.  The growing anticipation for the newest Samsung model is thanks to the success of the predecessor, S23. Let’s see what the giant smartphone company has stacked up for the coming year. Stay updated with techyaims to know what’s coming next. 

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