Samsung TU7000 Review and specsSamsung TU7000 Review

A mid-ranged, budget-friendly TV with above-average performance is the only Samsung TU7000. Missing a few key factors but surpassing the capabilities of a mediocre TV set, TU7000 is a good investment for people who are minding their money spending but are still looking for an ‘advanced’ alternative. If you are one of those people, then welcome to the ultimate TU7000 Samsung TV model guide. Enlighten yourself with its specifications and a detailed overview of where it stands, feature-wise. By the end of this article, you will decide whether to buy the Samsung TU7000. 

Samsung TU7000: Specifications Insight

Samsung TU7000 TV
Samsung TU7000 specs insight

Another member of the 7-Series, the LED TV, consists of many praise-worthy specs (like its refresh rate and colour contrast) but lacks the dynamics of a high-end TV set. Even though its picture quality falls short because of its inability to give better results at a wider viewing angle, certain aspects still give it an edge. 

Therefore, the TU7000 model is labelled an ‘entry-level’ smart TV. Being a 2020 release (like, three years ago), its lacklustre lies in several departments. It does give an excellent movie-watching experience. For your ease, a detailed table has been drawn to lay out all the major specifications of the Samsung TU7000. 

Specifications Details
Resolution 4K (3840 ✕ 2160)
Weight 41.9kg
Operating System Tizen™
Display type LED
Picture engine Crystal Processor 4K
Picture Quality Index (PQI) 2000
HDR10+ Yes
Contrast enhancer Yes
Audio type Dolby Digital Plus
Sound Output 20W
Multiroom Link Yes
Mobile mirroring Yes
HDMI 2.1 2
Ethernet Yes
eARC Yes
Wireless WiFI5 (LAN, built-in)
Subtitles support Yes


Samsung TU7000 Worthiness: A Break Down

The TU7000 model appears to be a flat screen (i.e., not curved) with an unflattering stand yet brilliant picture quality. After researching its specifications, however, more features are dug out. A sleek and modern design (the stand is a bit off-putting but works efficiently), the LED TV boasts a 4K display. The refresh rate is limited to 60Hz, too. The build of the TV is impressive, too, with a blend of plastic and premium materials. Moreover, the contrast has a solid ratio and improves the performance of dark scenes in a low-lit environment.

Samsung TU7000 features
Samsung TU7000 features

However, compared to today’s TVs, it needs to do justice to the cinematography of movies released this year. Also, Samsung TU7000 fails to give a good HDR brightness in Game Mode. Yet, the tests in reviews justify this drawback as unnecessary, making little to no difference in the user experience. Likewise, the colour gamut (range of colours) could be more impressive. Here’s a peek at its pros and cons:

Pros Cons
  1. Amazing contrast
  2. Deep black levels 
  3. Reasonable upscaling
  4. Preferred response time
  5. Chrome 4:4:4 support
  6. Low input lag
  7. Fine gradiant handling
  8. HDR10+ support
  9. Easy set-up
  1. Brightness has low peaks
  2. Does not support HDMI 2.1
  3. No VRR or ALLM
  4. Absence of local dimming
  5. Viewing angles are poor
  6. Mundane color accuracy
  7. Wide color gamut missing
  8. 24 FPS content known to glitch

Other Substantial TV Models To Consider

If you are still trying to make a Samsung TU7000 purchase, chances are you are looking for something else. You can also choose from other Samsung models such as Q60A, Q60B, and other 55-inch smart TVs. You may want to use a TV to watch blockbuster movies with your friends or family and less for gaming. Following are alternatives that you might prefer instead:

Samsung CU7000

CU7000 is also an “entry-level” Samsung TV product released this year (2023). This, too, has a Crystal UHD display and offers a 4K upscaling LED screen. It operates on a more basic version of Samsung’s 2023 Tizen OS interface and lacks voice commands and solar charging features. Because of the CU7000’s upgraded design and make, it has higher ratings than the Samsung TU7000. 

Vizio V Series 2022

Specifically designed for gamers, the V Series by Vizio has an outstandingly high native contrast that results in deep black hues in a low-lit room. It handles reflections well and removes judders from 24p sources. However, as gamers prefer to game in the dark, this TV model is unsuitable for watching in brightly illuminated environments. It also has narrow viewing angles. 

Samsung TU690T

Samsung TU690T
Samsung TU690T

First put out in 2021, TU690T is a predecessor of CU7000. A basic model with barely any add-on features, this model is yet another entry-level TV. It, too, has a 4K Crystal Processor with an even greater response time than TU7000. It also offers a better collection of streaming apps and a gorgeous contrast. On the other hand, it has the same cons as TU7000. 

Hisense AGH 

Debuting in 2022, Hisense AGH is yet another low-budget ULED TV that can be a fair alternative to the Samsung TU7000. It supports HDMI forum (no HDMI 2.1) and VRR (for gaming) but, much like TU7000, has a 60Hz refresh rate. Running on Google TV 11 innovative interface (efficiency of use), it offers an array of applications, including all prominent streaming services. 


What is the price of the TU7000 TV by Samsung in the USA?

Samsung TU7000 65-inch can currently be purchased at $697.95

Does TU7000 have 4K?

The resolution on TU7000 is 3840 ✕ 2160, i.e., 4K. 

Is the TU7000 TV good for gaming?

Yes. TU7000’s 4K picture quality, excellent response time, low input lag, and good contrast make it suitable for an intense gaming experience. 

When was TU7000 by Samsung released?

The TU7000 Samsung model was first unveiled on February 19, 2020. 


Samsung TU7000 is an excellent option for hanging out on the TV with your friends on a casual Friday night. Moreover, it is a fantastic TV for playing video games. Despite its significant components missing, such as high brightness peaks and poor viewing angles, it makes gaming and movie-watching/TV show-binging a lovely time. 


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