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With streaming becoming so common, people want a good TV set to binge their favourite show — and an answer to the Samsung vs LG TV debate. Both brands have launched some of the best TVs to date. Now it’s time to break down which holds the number one spot. This article will be concerned with exploring the pros and cons of both Samsung and LG televisions, a comparison that will be run parallel to the features and specifications of each brand’s models. Proceed with this writing piece and figure out the better choice with us. 

A Compare and Contrast for Samsung vs LG TV 

There are general to major differences between Samsung vs LG TV, and digging into them is no piece of cake. This is why we have done that part for you and laid down all the similarities and disparities found between the two large-scale manufacturers. To begin with, let us take a look at how smart each of the models are: 


Samsung vs LG TV Specs
Samsung vs LG TV – The smarter the better

One factor in the discourse of Samsung vs LG TV is that the two have separate smart TV platforms. Both Samsung’s Tizen and LG’s webOS are regarded as the best in the game of smart TV platforms. Stuffed with the latest apps and boasting incredible performances, there are but a few contrasting elements that users and experts have noticed. 

LG has an edge with its simple yet sophisticated smart TV interface. While Samsung also has a minimal OS, there are often complaints of navigation troubles and times when you can’t find the app you are searching for. Moreover, LG has better access to Google Assistant and Alexa-controlled devices than Samsung TVs. 


It comes down to how well the brand’s TV sets are performing when switched on. Both boast incredible picture and sound quality — traits that truly matter when you are watching the telly without a Samsung vs LG TV debate in mind. A plethora of add-on features are also found in both these manufacturers, such as voice control compatibility and motion rate technology. 

However, Samsung is packed with more advanced features and has put out higher-end models in the market. With raving reviews, its quantum processors and Direct Full Array backlighting mechanism have succeeded in gaining the bias of several users. 

Panel Technology

Panel Technology of Samsung and LG
Panel Technology of Samsung and LG

Another road that divides the two brands and fuels the Samsung vs LG TV debate is the panel technology both use. Samsung is the developer of QLED, a technology that filters quantum dots and intensifies color grading and contrast, helping with visibility in low-lit places while also varying in brightness across the screen. 

LED, on the other hand, makes do with its self-developed OLED. The ‘Organic Light-emitting Diode’ panel can emit its light rather than depending on an external source of light; enabling brightly thin TV displays and controlling every pixel. The OLED screen is preferred over QLED by many people. 

User Experience

All things, when taken into regard, culminate in the ultimate user experience. Once someone takes their Samsung or LG TV set home and, after a while, realises the pros and cons of that product, is when their feedback must be factored in for the Samsung vs LG TV debate. However, there is a rocky balance between both brands (a phenomenon, really), and the statistics are on Samsung’s side; we can’t be sure. 

Nevertheless, if specifications are bending more towards LG, then there is a high chance Samsung is famous because it is, simply put, ‘one of the big names.’ Hence, to make it further easy for you, 


Vision Specs of LG Vs Samsung
Vision Specs of LG Vs Samsung

Not a lot is going on in the component of formats when talking about Samsung vs LG TV. But if you want a blow-by-blow of what each brand’s adopted format for its high dynamic range (HDR) is, then here is what: LG has integrated Dolby Vision in its premium TVs, while Samsung went for the (slightly lesser) HDR10+ on its premium range.

Dolby Vision is the more expensive, more advanced alternative than HDR10+ (though the “quality gap” is not too obvious, pretty much negligible). The latter offers a 12-bit colour gamut to the HDR10+’s 10-bit. Dolby Vision is for those who want to spend a few extra bucks on TV formats. 

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At a Glance: Samsung vs LG TV

The table underneath this heading categorises and sums up the similarities and differences between Samsung and LG TVs. It is a very generic and overall summarization of the two brands and can come in handy if you are in a hurry and do not want to read the whole article.

Features Samsung TV LG TV
Price Higher Lower
Panel Technology QLED OLED
Overall picture quality More advanced Less advanced
Warranty Longer Shorter
Streaming services Numerous Disney+ and HBO Max missing
Power consumption More Less
Apple Airplay 2 Unsupported Supported


So, What’s Your Verdict?

It is definitely Samsung that has a hold on the market right now. Nonetheless, the decision falls upon you and your preferences. After perusing the features and pondering hard on your choices, it would be the dealbreaker elements that would aid you in settling the Samsung vs LG TV debate. 

The more impressive picture quality does come with LG’s OLED panels, but as we have mentioned in the table above, it is Samsung that takes the lead for the ‘overall’ performance of the screen. They do so by lightening up even the darkest of rooms, offering a knock-out boost for its pixel density. 


Which is better, LG or Samsung TV?

Samsung’s QLED panels put it forward in the race against its top competitor, LG. 

Is Samsung more popular than LG?

In the battle of Samsung vs LG TV, Samsung ranks higher in the Global Top 1000 Bands (#103) than LG (#398). 

Are Samsung TVs good or bad?

It depends on what model you are buying, but Samsung has been labeled as the best all-rounder brand with the greatest built-in audio results. 

What are the disadvantages of Samsung Smart TV?

Users often have reported the picture quality of Samsung TVs as inconsistent and poor, but it is all hearsay. However, Samsung TVs are very expensive and more costly than LG TVs. 


It has been confirmed that Samsung TVs are better than LG TVs. And just like that, the Samsung vs LG TV argument submerges. As a person who enjoys a good bingeing time, you can have your preferences in this subject. It is to be noted, however, that the competition would have been neck-to-neck if it wasn’t for LG’s overall lower picture quality. In the end, it is you who goes for the less expensive (LG) or more advanced option (Samsung). 

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