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Samsung Watch 4 has changed the world of OS watches. Neat, light, and brimful with extraordinary features, it’s one of the advanced devices that proves Samsung’s brilliance. So, yes — if you are familiar with Samsung technology, can easily afford the said item, and are here to make up your mind: you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading this article to get an extensive understanding of Watch 4. 

The Reliable Samsung Watch 4 

Let’s end the iPhone v. Samsung war today. They are two very different, equally impressive smartphone companies. But, if you have come this far, looking for information on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you must already own or have owned a Samsung product. Their innovations have brought a new era of technological improvements.  That means you know what Samsung’s true worth is. It’s not just us raving about Samsung, though. In 2018, Samsung was placed seventh as the ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands’ by Forbes.

Their philosophy is always gaining technological advancements and creating a ‘better global society.’ That means you’re getting a high-quality product and it is another win for the environment. Since its launch in 1938, Samsung has become an integral part of the smartphone industry. As it grew, the quality of its products did, too. Every blow it suffered was for it to come back stronger. In a recent Forbes study, Samsung Electronics was ranked number one as the World’s Best Employer.  

Keeping all this in mind, it can be observed that Samsung, as a large Multinational Corporation, strives for a polished platform with great values. You best believe the Samsung 4 Watch isn’t checking these boxes. Advertised as ‘Sleek, seamless, and iconic,’ the watch is a serve indeed. 

samsung galaxy watch 4

Samsung Watch 4 Specifications That Make You ‘Add to Cart’

Here’s the deal: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is going to make your life easier. It comes with better specs and features than its predecessor Samsung Watch 3. Starting off with only about a feathery lightness of 26g on your wrist, the watch has a rich AMOLED 44mm screen of 360 x 360 resolution that enhances viewing and using the watch when you are outdoors.


Samsung has come a long way in its tech performance, and this watch is no different. Powered by a Samsung Exynos W920 Dual-core 1.15GHz processor, your uninterrupted usage is ensured for this one. The processing power is outstanding. No more getting annoyed at an inanimate object. You can stay connected with your loved ones because this device comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, and NFC, too. 


What’s more, the Trizen-based operating system — namely Wearable OS 5.5 — is user-friendly. It confirms a simple, elegant, and aesthetic lifestyle and functionality. The praise-worthy Wear OS software comes in handy for various applications such as Samsung Pay (or, for preference purposes, Google Pay). 

With Samsung Watch 4 you can listen to offline music on YouTube, and get directions from Maps. Cancel or attend calls and alerts that appear on the screen, and change your connected earbud’s settings quite deftly. 

samsung watch 4 features


The battery life would sweep you off your feet, too: 80 hours, or up to 4 days, your smartwatch will accompany you without faltering. Alas, the usage, especially of the GPS and LTE features, can take up much of the battery power.  You can still go 24 hours while streaming over LTE, though, so that’s plenty of time for a tiny smartwatch.


Looking at the newer, more advanced Galaxy Watch 5 and 6, you would be surprised how efficient and chic life could get with their predecessor, Samsung Watch 4. It’s the perfect modern solution. It’s to be noted that Samsung Watch 4 is compatible with any running Samsung device of Android 7.0 or higher. In addition to 16GB of storage, the 1.5GB RAM lets you stay connected to your smartphone with incredible ease. The 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB storage means you can stream loads of good music (on Spotify and YouTube) without buffering.

For instance, if you are going for a long jog and don’t want your battery to run out, download high-quality music on the Samsung Watch 4 and let the upbeat wavelengths form great memories for you. The battery life sure is a fan favourite, with fitness tracking, body composition data (courtesy of added BIA sensors), blood pressure monitoring and ECG measurements,’ the Galaxy Watch 4 is the best answer for gym freaks. 

samsung galaxy watch

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Other features

It’s got numerous enticing details, too. Fitness tracking, of course, is one of the top ones. Then you’ve got music playback and accessing and paying the mounting bills in a seamless manner.  Anybody who has used this version of Samsung watches can tell you how effortless it is to use. Once paired with your Samsung Watch 4, the smartwatch’s settings will automatically sync with the phone’s. The interface is similar to Android’s One UI, so it’s not something unheard of. Moreover, Samsung provide different kinds of watch bands for its users. 

How about if you are going for a swim? This smartwatch has got your back! A 5 ATM water resistance rating colluded an unwavering fitness tracking even under the water. Anywhere, anytime, this Samsung device is not just a fashion statement, it sets the bar for all the smartwatches that will follow. 

Price Comparison 

Samsung Watch 4’s superiority in both competence and performance challenges its younger version, Samsung Watch 3. However, Watch 4 is cheaper than Watch 3, despite the fact that the former product consists of more features than the latter’s. Now that Watch 5 and 6 are out in the market, the prices for Samsung 4 Watch have fallen further. 


Every top-of-the-shelf quality a smartwatch could possibly have, Samsung Watch 4 does too. From a stylish look to remarkable features, the reviews name this one as a hallmark for other smartwatches to come. Whether you have to pick up a call, measure your weight, get accurate directions, or pay a person, Watch 4 caters to all your real-time needs. The upgraded storage, RAM space, and operating systems ensure that everything is running smoothly. Light, durable, and user-friendly, choosing Samsung Watch 4 can change your lifestyle for the better. Explore more about latest Samsung phones and watches from our vast collection.

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