How to see old stories on instagram?see old stories on instagram

Are you trying to dig up good memories and want to see old stories on Instagram? Becoming a sensational way to put up content, Instagram stories disappear 24 hours after their posting. It is a fun way to share memes, aesthetic photos, or reels with your followers; however, as people are getting used to Instagram’s updates and the ‘moving things around’ gig, the changes stumped a lot of users. 

If you are trying to find your way around Instagram, too, we are here to help you. By the end of this article, you will be able to find old stories on Instagram and learn ways to download stories that have disappeared. 

Can You See Old Stories on Instagram

In Snapchat, once you have put up a story for 24 hours and have not saved it in Memories, it’s gone. That is not the case with Instagram. Yes, you cannot see a story you posted that has passed its 24-hour time stamp, but it’s gone from the feed, not all of Instagram. It’s like this: if you posted a story and it has vanished (past its expiry), do not fret. You can still get it back. 

It is not just you who can’t wrap your head around this concept of accessing lost stories. To make it as simple as possible, we have provided certain steps that would help you see old stories on Instagram. 

Stories on Instagram
Stories on Instagram

Getting Your Instagram Stories Back In A Jiffy

As Insta stories gained momentum as a trend, lots of people wanted a way to preserve them even after the usual 24-hour limit. Therefore, Instagram came up with Highlights and Archive in 2017. With Highlights, you can gather any of the stories you have ever posted and put them up on your profile like a ‘normal post’ — they look different, that’s true, but they are on your profile with the rest of your posts, and other Instagrammers can check them out when they visit it. 

Another cool thing about Archive is that it keeps your Instagram stories safe for later. But remember, they’re just for you — not everybody. If that were allowed, it would have been an ethical concern for every single user. Others can’t see old stories on Instagram that you posted after a one-day viewing duration. Archives are already turned on, but if that mode is switched off, you can manually fix it. Go to your Private Settings, find ‘Stories,’ and turn on the toggle that says ‘Save to Archive.’ 

See Old Stories on Instagram: A How-To Guide

In less than three steps, you can access your Instagram story that is not showing on your feed anymore. 

  1. First, navigate your profile screen and tap on the hamburger icon (three parallel lines) in the top right corner.
  2. The drop-down menu would give you the option of ‘Archive.’ Tap on that, then go to the Stories Archive. 

With this brilliant feature, you can interact, reshare, or make an old story your highlight that appears on your profile. And yet, when it comes to the struggle to see old stories on Instagram of someone else, things get a little tricky. 

See Old Stories on Instagram
See Old Stories on Instagram

Viewing Other User’s Instagram Stories

The social media platform does not permit viewing someone else’s after the 24-hour viewing limit, and there is no way to break into that system. One thing you can do is, if you are friends with the person, you can open their chatbox and ask for it. They can easily get it for you from their Archive, as we mentioned before. A proactive way, however, finds a way around this restriction. The one thing that is great about Instagram stories is that they give you twenty-four hours on the clock to decide whether to save the story or not.

If you frequently find yourself wanting to save other people’s Instagram stories (i.e., of the users you follow), there are a few unconventional ways to get your hands on them. Some websites, like Stories, are great platforms with a straightforward front end and an approachable design. Here is how you can see old stories on Instagram that are not yours: 

  1. Enter their username on the website, and it will show all active stories that haven’t passed the 24-hour time stamp. 
  2. From there, you only have to tap on the story that you wish to save and click Download. 

Many websites (besides Stories) are available that help you out in this regard. The only problem is that you won’t be able to save and see old stories on Instagram that are no longer there on the profile. If you catch them within 24 hours of their posted time, it will work smoothly. This website works on phones, too. The new Android and iOS versions have built-in screen recording. You can also install a screen recording app like AZ Screen Recorder, which gets by nicely for both Android and iOS phones.

Start recording, open the story, and once you end the recording, the media file will show up on your Photos app. Keep in mind that these methods cannot let you see old stories on Instagram that belong to another user. 

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instagram archive
instagram archive

Instagram Stories and Screen Recording

If you want to save another person’s Instagram story to look at later, be it a friend’s or a secret infatuation, you can take a screenshot (if it’s an image) or screen record (if it’s a clip) while the story is still up and has not passed its 24-hour time frame. You might be wondering if Instagram will tell the person that you took a screenshot (like Snapchat so openly does). There are a lot of debates going on about this, but for now, you can take screenshots/screen records without the other person getting a whiff. If you don’t want to share your  instagram stories on facebook, you can unlink account from facebook

However, if you are using this trick on media shared via Direct Message, it will most certainly show what you did. Instagram changed the rule over time – again, more to stump the rising ethical issues. Now that you have saved it (whether it’s yours or someone else’s), you can see old stories on Instagram wherever and whenever you want to. 


To see old stories on Instagram, these basic and plain steps would be enough to get you going. Instagram, as a beloved, competitive, highly addictive social media platform, performs well in catering to the needs of its users. For this, they also like to maintain the user’s integrity. There are a few easy ways, however, where you can see stories on Instagram without breaking into Instagram or something near impossible. Want more guidance? Explore our website to have some extra perks. 

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