Xbox One S Gaming Console — Comprehensive ReviewAn In-depth Xbox One S Analysis

Gaming is made an exciting experience without a heavy price to pay when it comes to Xbox One S. A gaming console with just the right features and enough to keep you loyal to the Xbox franchise, One S is a high-end solution and does not cost much either. 

Despite being released in 2016, Xbox refuses to discontinue it because of its high demand. In this article, we will look at what makes One S great and what holds it back from being one of the top gaming console options. 

Xbox One S: An Evaluation

Many features of the One S give it a good rep. It has received positive feedback, whether for its display quality, the bulk load of games that come with it, or its smart features. Everything you must know about this Xbox model is explained in the subheadings below while briefing you on their review to give you a perspective. 


Design of Xbox One S
A look at Xbox One S specification

Despite its counterparts, Xbox S One gave gamers what they always wanted: a sleek, stylish console box design that looks good in a room. But it is not just about the appearances — Xbox One S took it to a new level of being a small, silent, and high-performance gaming console when it first debuted seven years ago. 

Even though it has been nearly a decade since this Xbox model was launched, Xbox fans have a special place in their hearts for it. The massive power supply on this gaming console can be credited to its porous siding design and sufficient ventilation — which is surprising, as it only weighs about 2.9kg. 


Microsoft knocked it off the park when the Xbox One S was introduced. This gaming console’s most prominent and appraised quality was its powerful 2TB hard drive, fitted in a chassis smaller than its predecessor (and still making it work). The performance was better than ever because of the position of the fan. 

This time, it was not in the right-back corner but directly behind the disc tray. Other spots of the components switched within the console box led to the spectacular performance. The chipset, however, saw the same except for the then-standout ability to read Ultra HD Blu-rays, i.e., provide 4K picture quality. 


Back then, the Xbox vs. PlayStation heated discussions had solid arguments. When the platforms were considered, Xbox One S’s vast and dominating platform grabbed a lot of PlayStation users just because it offered pre-installed games you could play on the go. 

Moreover, a Microsoft subscription would yield many Xbox titles, both old and new. Also, if there is a freshly released game, such as The Last of Us or one from the Fortnite, you will be notified and can get your hands on them instantly. 


Xbox One S controller
The Xbox One S controller.

Another turning point for the Xbox One S gaming console is its controller. It was a relief for Xbox users to see a controller with Bluetooth connectivity finally. There was no need for a proprietary Xbox One USB receiver to be plugged in, nor worry about it getting lost. 

The grip on the controller was also improved, and one could clutch it more firmly. Furthermore, the dynamic range wireless antenna enables users to sit farther from the console. On the other hand, the power source of its controller remained batteries and not rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. 


Thanks to its 4K resolution, games can be played with sharper pixels. Although Xbox One S is nowhere near faster than PlayStation 4 (much less PS5), its 4K display has permitted richer gameplay over the years. Gaming consoles have gained advancement in the picture quality department, leaving One S behind.

Yet, it cannot be said that the latest models are budget-friendly — and One S does enough justice to the game’s extraordinary cinematography. For instance, the full motion capture scenes always have an invigorating sheen. Games have become smoother, richer in graphics, and incredible-looking with One S. 

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Other features

Ports on the console include an HDMI 2.0a (out), two SuperSpeed USB ports, S/PDIF, and an Ethernet for your WiFi connection. However, one thing missing from the standard ports of the Xbox is Kinect’s. Also, only one colour is available for the Xbox One S: white. About 4K, the picture quality on streaming channels is up to scratch, too. 

Built to bear the burden of high-end functions with its considerably low pricing, One S brings forth Microsoft’s Cortana (like Siri or Google Assistant), an effective voice command that you can boss around — without interrupting your gameplay, you can simply ask Cortona to “Invite John to a party,” and it will oblige. 


Xbox One S
Get your Xbox One S at $299.99.

The Xbox One S price is currently at $299.99 on Amazon. Compared to other gaming consoles of its time, it’s more inexpensive. To give you an idea, PlayStation 4, also released in 2016, is now being bought at $355.77. It is to be noted that Xbox’s model already comes loaded with video games (unlike PS4). 


Is the Xbox S One any good?

Xbox S One is a refined version of Xbox S. Just looking at its benchmarks, one can deduce that it is a viable option if you want ‘high-end’ at an affordable price. These features are 4K picture quality, improved controller grip, and voice command. 

Is Xbox One S worth it in 2023?

With its advanced features and powerful processor, the One S is a good gaming console candidate even today. 

What are the benefits of the Xbox S One?

The emerging element of One S is its competence to upscale games to a 4K resolution – but only if you have a 4K TV set. 

Which console is better, the Xbox One or Xbox S One?

In the Xbox One vs the newer S Series, the latter outperforms the older model in all areas. 



Xbox One S is every person’s ideal choice if they want to make a purchase that does not exceed their fairly low budget. With One S’s amazing performance and reliable processing power, the quality is not sacrificed with the enticing price tag. Overall, the standards of Xbox are raised due to One S’ proficiency. 

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