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It’s been a while since the Apple Watch Series 3 was first released, but everybody who bought it has good views about it. Since its launch in September 2017, the smartwatch has gathered many devotees. The reason behind its booming sales was its marvellous, one-of-a-kind performance and aesthetics. Are you planning to buy yourself a smartwatch and have your eyes on the Apple Watch Series 3? If so, this article is a detailed walkthrough of its features and specifications that might help you with your decision. 

All About Apple Watch Series 3

When it first came out, this Apple smartwatch was a hallmark — no other watch was competing with its features or abilities. Just like apple iphone, it had some big shoes to fill. But it did not disappoint: the health and fitness tracking, storage, and other utilities we will discuss later were all its plus points. Everybody was getting an Apple Watch Series 3 at that time. 

But that was, of course, when it was new in the market and had no upgraded models to its name. Even if the Watch 3 cannot be compared with the Watch 7, 6, 5, or even 4, it has certainly paved the way. The features and specifications below justify the praiseworthy market performance in its launch year. 


There are two models of Apple Watch Series 3, depending on size. It’s not ‘the bigger, the better’ when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 3 42mm and Apple Watch Series 3 38mm. The larger Watch has a total weight of 34.9g, while the slightly smaller Watch is a lightweight 28.7g. The difference also becomes apparent if you choose an aluminium case (heavier) over a stainless steel case. Another option you have is a white ceramic/sapphire crystal black case if you are going for beauty. 

The sapphire crystal glass front gives it an incredible sheen you won’t get from an ordinary wristwatch. Then you have the eSIM that saves you the hassle of getting a compatible SIM card — also, it means more space for a few more special features. Moreover, the Apple Watch Series 3 bands are available in various colours, materials, and designs. They are removable, so you can match the straps as preferred. For example, a silicone range band for activewear. 

Apple Watch Series 3 body
Apple Watch Series 3 body


The Retina OLED screen peaks a brilliant 1000 nits. This helps the user to look at the smartwatch when outdoors, underneath the bright sun, with the promise of an exceptional viewing experience. The display is 1.65 inches, a relatively large screen for a smartwatch. The Apple Watch Series 3 sizes were well-received by buyers because of their wider touchscreen area. The resolution is a sweet 390 x 312 pixels with around 303 pixels per image — a reasonable figure for smartwatches in today’s age. Along with its flashy allure, the extra protection of the sapphire crystal glass of the 3D touch display is a winning factor. 


Perhaps the most likeable feature of Apple Watch Series 3 is its operating system. Birthed in a garage and taken to the soaring heights that label it as a world-renowned company, Apple has come a long way. The watchOS 4.0 was an era-defining release in 2017. Although this smartwatch can be upgraded to watchOS 8.7, the initial platform was a bounty. It had a “new Siri watchface, personalised Activity Coach, more measurements in the Heart Rate app, an improved music-listening experience.”

The powerhouse dual-core processor was another big hit, with the PowerVR graphic unit giving Apple Watch Series an outstanding interface for its remarkable high performance. Together with the wireless Apple S3, the third-generation dual-core processor was 70% faster than its predecessors. 

The advancement in technology led the Apple Watch Series 3 to have an industry-first antenna design that uses the display itself to transmit and receive — a GPS and cellular ability where you do not have to use your phone at all. 

Apple Watch 3 display
Apple Watch 3 display


There is no card slot in the case of Watch 3, but that is because it won’t be needed. Its feature-specific functions work just fine on a 16GB internal storage and a 768MB RAM. Yes, the smartwatches offer more these days, but the Apple Watch Series 3, in its time, boasted speed, durability, and high functionality uncommon among other gadgets. 

Camera & Sound

Unlike its newer releases, this Apple Watch 3 does not have a camera — neither a back, nor a front one. This restricts its faculties, indeed; the user would not be able to accept FaceTime calls nor take pictures. Similarly, though the Apple Watch has a loudspeaker for Siri to talk back to you and other notification alerts to be heard, there is no 3.5mm jack for headphones. 


Apple did not change the size of their Watches just so they could make the battery bigger. Being a smart company, they had a smarter approach: non-removable Lithium-ion batteries with 341 mAh to their name, a quality that gives Apple Watch Series 3 a one-day battery life on a full bar. You can only charge it wireless. 

Apple Watch 3
Apple Watch 3

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Other Features

This smartwatch comes with an accelerometer (to keep track of your speed), gyro sensors for screen rotations, heart rate tracker, barometer, and can communicate with the integrated natural language commands. The fast Wi-Fi 802.11 ensures fast Internet, while you listen to music on your airpods connected via the Bluetooth 4.2 specification. There is no radio nor a USB jack available. 

The GPS and GLONASS track your location accurately. You can transfer data between any other device and Apple Watch Series 3 with the NFC add-on. You can pick from space black or silver when choosing the colour of your smartwatch. Want a smartwatch for fitness? Explore techyaims to learn about the smartwatches that fulfil your needs. 


The Apple Watch Series 3 price currently stands at $119, a very low amount since many upgraded versions have succeeded. If the price does not go along with your budget you can also select Samsung Galaxy watch 3


When it first came out, the Apple Watch Series 3 was a phenomena to many. The fresher Watch variants might not have been so loved if it weren’t for Watch 3 being a stepping stone. The cellular feature, high performance, and a glossy look stood out in the smartwatch market of 2017. If you wish for a minimal gadget at a low budget, Watch 3 is the perfect option.
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