Best YouTube Downloader in 2024Best YouTube Downloader in 2024

All of us seek different ways of entertainment and YouTube is one of them. You might not have internet availability all the time, but watching your favorite stuff offline is not a dream now. YouTube downloader sites are a best tool for anyone to save any YouTube video and watch them offline.  If you are also one of those looking for free yt video downloader, you are surely going to be satisfied with our recommendations. Searching is easy, however, just typing in the search bar won’t let you have the best and free yt downloader. Each downloader has a different policy and some of them come with annoying ads.

Moreover, you could have malware attack on your pc while clicking on the spam advertisements. Keeping all the factors in mind we have curated a short list of YouTube Downloader apps for 2024. With our tested and free downloaders, you can download your favorite videos without costing any money. Moreover, if you want to download videos from other platforms such as Instagram, you can check our best Instagram reel downloader without watermark. Let’s dive into the list without further ado!

Best Free YouTube Downloader Sites in 2024

YouTube also understands this need, that’s why it left the option for its users to download video. But that video is only available for 30 days. Moreover, there are some channels which do not allow downloading of their videos. We spent hours testing each YouTube video saver, so rest assured that you are getting the best option possible. We understand that quality of video is also important, that’s why we have also included 4k YouTube downloader sites. Moreover, all the downloaders given below can download watermark free videos. Here is our favorite list of YouTube video downloader for PC and Mac:

  1. 4k Video Downloader YouTube

4k Video Downloader YouTube
4k Video Downloader YouTube


  • 360 to 4k video downloader
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, and More
  • Compatible for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Download playlists but with limitations

Check its full review: 4K video downloader for YouTube

Being online for 24 hours is not always possible. Consider yourself on a tour or in hilly areas, where Wi-Fi is unavailable and internet in dangling. Also, sometimes you can’t manage to make time and watch videos. And you save videos to watch in your free time. However, at that time, it’s possible you won’t have internet. When there is no other source of entertainment or information, that’s where the best YouTube downloader comes in handy. What you need to do is open the 4k video downloader. Then paste YouTube video link in it, select quality, and press download.

4k video downloader is a leading YouTube downloader online for seamless saving of videos. The interface is simple to use, and you can access many customizations options to save from YouTube. Not only Video, but you can also convert YouTube video to MP3 and MP4. Furthermore, it also supports 3D videos and downloading of captions from the videos. It also offers a premium version through which you can download unlimited videos.

  1. Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter Free
Any Video Converter Free


  • Support high quality video format
  • Built-in video editor
  • Does not support multiple YouTube Video Downloads
  • Suitable for Windows and Mac
  • A little heavy software

Any Video Converter Free is one of the best YouTube downloader sites. It supports different formats of videos to choose from. Moreover, it lets you download video from YouTube online in high quality. However, with benefits, there come a few drawbacks. Such as, it does not support the download of multiple videos at a time. In the free version you can only download a single video at the instance. But you have the choice to buy its premium version which is also affordable if downloading a single video does not fulfill your requirements.

Furthermore, you will also find a built-in video editor to edit the videos if you are going to reuse them. With this editor you can crop the video, add effects, apply color filters, and add text. The whole process is swift, you don’t need to download any editor for editing videos. The interface may not be that catchy, but it’s the best YouTube downloader given its fantastic features.

  1. Free YouTube Download

Free YouTube Download
Free YouTube Download


  • Multiple formats to export
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Allow multiple downloads
  • The video length is limited
  • Only download videos from YouTube

You may not be able to download YouTube videos directly without opening the browser. However, Free YouTube Download is the most convenient YouTube downloader you will ever find. It’s easy to use and a simple interface will help you download YouTube videos without any hassle. But, with ease it has one major disadvantage: you can’t download videos for more than 3 minutes in free version. You may need to buy premium to download videos more than 3 minutes. Just like other free online YouTube video downloader sites, Free YouTube Download also pride different video formats.

This YouTube Downloader also allows you to download multiple videos at once. You can also select between different quality options according to your preferences. Moreover, it also facilitates YouTube to mp3 conversion.

  1. iTubeGo

iTubeGo YouTube downloader
iTubeGo YouTube downloader


  • High speed downloads and advanced features
  • Download playlists, live streams, and HD videos
  • Daily download limit
  • Premium subscription to access all features

The reason why iTubeGo leaves other YouTube Downloader sites behind is its property of ultra-fast downloading. It ensures that you download the videos efficiently in minimum time. Waiting to download lengthy videos is a hectic task and everyone wants to avoid it. iTubeGo YouTube video downloader can download your lengthy videos in seconds. It provides major features that classic downloaders lack. Moreover, you can also download subtitles in multiple languages.

With proxy support you can download videos from any corner of the earth without facing restrictions. Furthermore, like other best YouTube downloader sites, this application can also download multiple videos in one go. Besides, you will also get videos in various formats like MP4, MP3, AVI, and more. However, it also has limited features in free trial, you may need to buy premium plan for full access.

  1. Snaptube

Snaptube YouTube video downloader
Snaptube YouTube video downloader


  • Multiple video quality from 360 to 4k
  • Converts videos to MP3
  • Free download for every video
  • Allows the download of multiple videos at once
  • Different formats like MP3, MP4, FLV, and more

Snaptube beats all other YouTube Downloader apps because of its user-friendly interface. Not only for PC and MacBook, it is also available for android. Therefore, you can easily download videos from YouTube easily, no matter what device you have. The attractive and easy interface helps you to download videos quickly and easily. What you need to do is a little hassle of searching your favourite video, selecting the resolution, and clicking download button. Being the best YouTube video downloader, it can also download videos which are marked as “private”.

Furthermore, you also have the advantage of converting video to MP3 file. Moreover, it saves your time by downloading multiple videos simultaneously. It uses various formats such as MP4, MP3, AVI, and many others. However, there are some drawbacks such as security risk and data breach. Although this youtube downloader online claims to be secure, but you can get malware ads which can breach into your device.

Is it Okay to Download Youtube Videos?

No doubt, you can save videos with the help of YouTube Downloader sites. Using the downloaded videos only for yourself is all okay. However, be careful to download videos to watch offline and for self-entertainment purposes. If you are going to reuse the videos, make sure to ask for the permission of copyright holder. If you use videos without the owner’s permission, your channel can get copyright strikes which lead to suspension.

Using any other application or site to Download a YouTube video is against the YouTube’s terms of use. Youtube only allows its users to watch online and only on its servers. So, if you are going to reuse the video again, then don’t forget that YouTube is the part of Google. You will be caught in future potentially leading to suspension.




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