Samsung Unpacked 2024 eventSamsung Unpacked 2024 event

Samsung is going to host its first launch event this year. Samsung unpacked 2024 event is going to bring new possibilities to Galaxy’s incredible lineup. The unpacked event is going to be on Wednesday, 17th January. The anticipations show that this launch event is going to set a record-breaking history. All of us are waiting for the new possibilities of AI that Samsung is going to bring in its phones. Samsung has hidden the mystery of its new technologies, and this time, the revelation is going to hit differently. While revealing its Galaxy s24 series, Samsung will also unveil a range of artificial intelligence features.

When is Samsung Unpacked 2024 Happening?

To blaze a new AI era, Galaxy unpacked of 2024 is going to happen on Wednesday, January 17. Samsung Electronics will host the unpacked event in San Jose. Samsung will reveal new technologies and possibilities of technology. This event will unveil unmatchable features of the most important tool in your life. You can watch the event live from every corner of the earth. Moreover, you can watch the event live on Samsung’s official website, newsroom, and YouTube channel. The timings will be 10 a.m. PST, 1 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. GMT and 7 p.m. CET. 

When is Samsung Unpacked 2024?
When is Samsung Unpacked 2024?

Major Announcements Anticipated at Galaxy Unpacked 2024

It’s sure that Samsung is going to launch its new products. From last year’s special flagships, we can guess the surprises Samsung has packed for us. That’s the event which will prove rumors on Galaxy S24 true or false. Moreover, there won’t only be phones, you may be able to see new Samsung watches, AI, and technologies. Here are some major things you can expect from Galaxy unpacked 2024:

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

No doubt, the deserver of the spotlight is the new Galaxy S24 lineup. Succeeding the Samsung S23 series, the S24 lineup is going to feature extra perks. Samsung S24 is going to reveal new possibilities in the mobile world. It may change the overall spectrum of smartphone use. You will be able to witness a revolutionary event with new twists and turns in the technology world. With new features, Samsung is going to change your way of thinking and use of technology. With modifications in the Galaxy S series, it will set a new standard for its competitors. However, you will find the fact at Samsung Unpacked 2024.

Predicted features of Samsung S24 Lineup

Rumors never leave you alone in the technology world. And same goes for Samsung’s coming S24 series. They predict that the new S24 series will have the same design and structure as its precedent model, S23. However, the functionality may have some features the previous models lack. Even the camera structure and design are assumed to be the same.

Samsung S24 series
Samsung S24 series

Moreover, the display design may have a flat-screen for the first time in the history of the S series. Furthermore, it’s also in talks that the series may have a titanium frame, just like the iPhone 15 Pro. But we can’t conclude anything yet; if Samsung unpacked the 2024 event, that is going to reveal everything. 

It’s expected that the Samsung S24 series will also have plus and ultra models. The basic model will have a 6.1-inch screen, while plus and ultra models will feature a 6.6-inch to 6.8-inch screen correspondingly. Moreover, recently, the leaks suggest that plus models may have a little wider margin than others. The refresh rate is going to top out at 144Hz to provide a smooth user experience. Moreover, all three models will have a snapdragon eight gen three chipset. 

Other Major Announcements

Other than smartphones, you will also witness Samsung unveiling many other items, such as the Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker. This will be Samsung’s comeback as the maker of leading fitness trackers after years. Rumours say that the watch will have a simple and sleek design. Other than that, Samsung unpacked 2024 offers:

Introduction of Galaxy AI

On 17th January, Samsung will offer its advancements in AI. With time, AI is becoming the hub of everything, whether it’s technology, health, or something else. Keeping all this in mind, Galaxy is going to launch its first AI. The company will reveal its generative AI system and have tested it already. The Samsung unpacked 2024 will be an official platform to launch the Samsung AI and its Demo. Expectations are that Galaxy AI will leave chatbots, such as ChatGPT, behind with its marvelous features. The AI will provide a unique mobile experience and will make your phone intelligent. You will be able to communicate, produce, and create with Galaxy AI’s exceptional features. 

Samsung guass AI system
Samsung guass AI system

Samsung Unpacked 2024 is also going to explore the use of the Gauss AI system. Users will be able to create images, generate codes, and communicate in different languages with AI. Some features of the AI may be restricted for offline use, however, internet availability will give a boost to them. The AI will smoothly run on Samsung’s interface and smartphones. Where Google and Microsoft are launching their AIs, Samsung will be able to beat them. You will get to know more details at the Samsung unpacked 2024 event. 

Galaxy AI promises to seamlessly integrate into Samsung’s ecosystem through One UI and smartphones like the new S24 series. With GoogleMicrosoft, and others making splashes in AI, Unpacked will be Samsung’s opportunity to assert itself.

Release of One UI 6.1

Talking about the software, we can expect that Galaxy will launch its next iteration of one UI for Android. The UI version 6.1 is expected to take over the Galaxy S24 series, resulting in leaving all previous models of Samsung Behind. At Samsung unpacked 2024 you will get to know about new UI for upcoming devices of Samsung. With this UI, you will have more customization options, progressive features, and AI integration. If you are going to attend this unpacking event online or physically, just keep your senses ready to get astonished.

How to watch Samsung Unpacked 2024?

Dreaming of watching Samsung unpacked 2024 personally? Quit the thought right now because you will need a number of bucks and might end up bankrupt. Watching the Samsung unpacking event live is the best option. You can access Samsung unpacked 2024 live stream from any corner of the earth. Just tune in on 17th January via Samsung’s YouTube Channel, Official newsletter, or Website. Keep following Samsung’s latest news to stay updated. With hardware like the S24 series equipped with Samsung’s latest AI and software like One UI 6.1, you will witness history’s largest unveiling.


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